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I just like the sharp sparkle of the primary one.

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10-25 09:15 AM

I think it may be. When starting the employment based mostly GC course of, one of many question asked was .. has any family member ever utilized to your immigration petition prior to now. Just an educated guess.. test with an legal professional

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12-08 08:36 PM

be careful man! don’t spread false information earlier than bothering to examine twice..!:D
I’m tempted to call you retarded, but I won’t do this. I do know its a slip.

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07-25 07:34 AM

I’ve my H1B stamped visa from company A,and is legitimate till September 2010.I came to India in August 2009 and planning to come back again to US in the following month.

In the meantime i’ve filed for a H1B tranfer to firm B in April’2010 and it was authorised in final week.

My question is can i come again to US on my stamped visa from Firm A.Is that nonetheless valid even after my transfer was permitted to Firm B .
Do i’ve any issues at port of entry to us .

Or do i need to go for H1B stamping for Firm B.
please tell me what are my choices.any help is greatly appreciated.

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06-17 10:51 AM

My H1B expires on sept 30th 2010.(passport has vaild visa also stamped in it till sept 30th)
Extension has been utilized . If extension is permitted say by august, can I am going for stamping in august end.Mainly how quickly can i am going for h1b stamping earlier than previous stamping expires.
If there’s an issue in stamping can i return on the previous visa stamp.

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02-15 06:07 PM

Texans & Californians do not you need to sign up Home judiciary sub-committee for immigration is 80% CA & TX

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07-12 01:12 PM

Is it attainable to retain all 485 purposes till July-30 and then start rejecting all of them saying not adequate utility fees. Just to defend themselves.

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05-07 01:55 PM

The job does not need to require Masters degree. In contrast to Greencard filing under EB2 vs EB3 it isn’t any more durable to get H1 below Masters quota, all you need is Masters from accredited univ. You want to figure out what the RFE is for.

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07-01 09:10 AM

Howdy all,
I need clarifications on the way to reply sure questions in the I-134 form. Can somebody right here please help

__________________________________________________ _______________
2. I’m __ years of age and have resided in the United States since (date) ______

Do I enter the date I first landed within the US, or the latest landing
__________________________________________________ _______________
3. Name of partner and youngsters accompanying or following to affix individual:

I am sponsoring my mom and indian virgin hair father. Do I title them here Or ought to I have separate I-134 varieties for every father or mother and leave “Identify of spouse” above clean
__________________________________________________ _______________
7. I am employed as or engaged in the enterprise of _______ with _______

Ought to I enter my company’s business kind in the primary blank and title of the corporate within the second clean ____________________________________________ ______ _______________
8. The next individuals are dependent on me for support:

My spouse and i file our tax as married/joint, and we don’t claim one another as dependents. Ought to I leave the above merchandise blank Do I go away this clean
__________________________________________________ _______________
9. I have previously submitted affidavit(s) of assist for the next individual(s). If none, state none.

I had sponsored my wife’s H4 when she got here to the US 2 years ago. I’m unsure if I did I-134. Do usually individuals file this during H4 sponsorship
__________________________________________________ _______________
10. I’ve submitted a visa petition(s) to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Companies (USCIS) on behalf of the…Date Submitted

I had of course sponsored my wife’s H4. For date submitted, what date ought to I exploit
__________________________________________________ _______________
11. I xIntend xdo not intend to make particular contributions to the help of the individual(s) named in merchandise three

What should I enter here
__________________________________________________ _______________
Thanks in advance!

hair clip art line drawing And did I forget to mention another new filter possibility quot;Clip Artquot;

05-21 11:31 AM
Good day,

Here’s my scenario:
H1b: 7th 12 months (valid by Nov 2009)
Labor: Accepted
140: Permitted
Class: EB2
Precedence Date: Aug 2007
485/EAD: can not file because of retrogression

I’ve a permanent employment offer from the employer the place I am contracting, proper now for a similar job. Following are the questions I’ve:
1. Can I change my employer
2. Can I retain my Priority date
3. If the new employer recordsdata for switch of H1, what does it imply to my extension beyond seventh 12 months

Please assist.

U need to start the GC course of yet again, until ur present employer is prepared to assist you in filing the I-485 with out revoking the I-140

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04-22 02:02 PM

NO. It isn’t Okay.
PERM prewailing wage dedication EB2

Position 15-1034
My university is applying for a brand new perm application for eb2. I work for a university

Myemployer despatched a wage request to OES . They replied by saying that the prevwailing wage just isn’t available on your zone in order that they basically gave me a level 1 wage when it should be the leavel three wage for eb2..The individual mentioned that shouldn’t be an issue

Is thisgoing to be ok
hot lt;bgt;clip artlt;gt; line utilizing #39;Clip Art#39; and #39;Line

12-11 08:13 PM
See under for introduction to Immigrationvoice. t=16034

Many provisions which is able to assist all of us have likelihood to get into OMNIBUS bill in Senate between now and Feb. Learn extra about OMNIBUS bill at t=15745

For this IV urgently wants close to 30k for lobbying efforts. We’ve collected 27k to this point.
I’m coordinating marketing campaign for WI. Please see action merchandise under and I will actually appreciate your support and prompt response.

Three instant Motion gadgets:
1. Contribute now even 25$ would do.
See possibility=com_content&job=view&id=26&Itemid=forty four

2. Be part of IV: To get, inside updates, share what you want us to do, please become member of WI State Chapter of IV. Ship me your non-ge email.

3. Attain out: Ship this message to atleast 5 individuals (and cc me) who’re going through Green Card delays and have them talk to me instantly.

I understand everybody can’t go out and protest and meet Congressman/ girl/ Senators but I’m sure that these three motion items could be carried out very easily.

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05-02 08:09 PM
haha lol!

tattoo clip artwork line artwork drawings clip artwork image santa#39;s
08-07 12:00 PM

Nice one flash 🙂 I’ve added yours up!
photos clip line free nc art Line art (Drawings) obtainable

03-11 05:51 PM
😀 bit late
Mourning can also be over.

dresses using #39;Clip Art#39; and #39;Line blossom drawings clip artwork.
03-thirteen 01:56 PM

I bought tender LUD on my and my wife 485 on 02/10/2009
I referred to as USCIS they stated , it’s an batch update – no information they’ll provide. I am undecided what it means.
Does anyone else received soft LUD round this date

make-up Calligraphy Lotus clip artwork parents art line drawing clip
09-17 09:55 AM

I haven’t seen this example with anyone else on discussion board. Speak to good lawyer, they should show you how to out.

RFE is time delicate. So act quick.
Good Luck!

girlfriend clip artwork picture santa#39;s Angel Wings clip art vector
03-30 02:38 PM

My I-485/I-140 were filed on Jul 2, 2008 (I-140 permitted in 9/2007). I possess an EAD legitimate till Sep 2010 and AP legitimate till Aug 2009. I misplaced my job (H1B) in late January. I have a household emergency compelling me to travel to India for a week (starting Saturday next week 04/04/2009). Will there be any drawback when it comes to utilizing my AP to re-enter the U.S An early reply would be appreciated. Thanks very a lot in advance.

P.S: I don’t have a job but.
In case you record your skillset maybe somebody could be in a position to help you as soon as you return. By the best way, many of the members knows a tons of rectruiters and web sites.Possibly in the worst case you possibly can inform that you are going to be interviewed by some corporations

hairstyles cowboy line drawings clip art BICYCLE DRAWING Outline maths

12-04 07:23 PM
Certainly. 140s are getting a lot of RFEs nowadays and are as soon as once more taking practically a yr. It’s a brave soul that may avail themselves of the AC21 180 portability provision without an approved 140 petition.
The primary points are the following, for those who get an RFE and it has anything to do together with your employer eg. capacity to pay and so on, can you count on them to ship in that paperwork. If your employer withdraws the 140 application then you’re left without a plank to stand on for your 485 as well.
Principally you might be on very thin ice when you invoke AC21 absent an approved 140. If you are contemplating such a transfer, you must atleast consider doing it on a H1b visa as back up.
These are my views, please consult an lawyer.

08-24 10:27 PM
Don’t be concerned.Apply for EAD replacement Card instantly..You can work for ninety days based mostly on EAD replacement Receipt Notice.

Hello All,
I misplaced my renewed EAD. It was authorised for 2 years. My license is expiring in SEP thirtieth. Can I submit AP in DMV for status examine. If I applying EAD for misplaced card, Can I at the least submit receipt discover I dont think I wont get replaced card before SEP 30. Please assist me. I am not in H1B status.

05-03 10:55 AM

Thanks a lot for the replace !!
Really recognize it.
Synthetic Wigs Long Straight Hair Brown Color Hair Wigs OnlineMy drawback is in few days the date for visa appointment will likely be open i.e Jun-13 and that i will probably be booking for that date. I’m flying on Jun-10 so I am left with exactly 5 weeks, on this time will I be able to get the brand new LCA and amended H1

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