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In Defense Of “The Drive Awakens” Episode II

Although I quite enjoyed Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I’ve discovered since watching the movie that not everybody shares my affection. Having learn more Star Wars scorching takes since December 20 than I hope ever to read again, I’ve recognized the four strongest and most common criticisms of The Power Awakens: 1) The politics are too obscure/confusing; 2) Rey is simply too excellent/powerful; Three) It is just too much like previous Star Wars movies; and four) There are too many plotholes. I responded to the primary criticism right here. Here follows my response to the second criticism.

“Do you actually think I am a Mary Sue ”
2) Rey is simply too excellent/powerful.
Examples: Megan McArdle, Sonny Bunch (once more)
The fundamental thrust of this argument, considered one of the primary to emerge in opposition to The Pressure Awakens, is that the character Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) is just too perfect. The actual phrase used is “Mary Sue,” which refers to a character for authors of fan-fiction who seems in an already extant universe and is each excellent and represents the writer herself. After all, Rey can not actually be this, as some critics declare, since all the screenwriters and the director are male and she is female. It’s also odd and highly speculative to suppose that these writers would need to insert themselves into a Star Wars movie. Perhaps this is a case of projection by critics But I digress.

Rey, the argument goes, is multilingual, technically proficient, good in hand-to-hand combat, an ace pilot, figures out how to make use of the Power and a lightsaber without anyone to prepare her and bests a educated Sith in fight, and, general, is uninteresting and never does something wrong. That is inaccurate for many causes. The first three traits (multilingual, technically proficient, good in hand-to-hand combat) are logical outgrowths of a lifetime spent caring for herself as a scavenger on a hostile, various desert planet (also, be aware that Han Solo was fluent in no less than three languages in A brand new Hope: Wookie, Hut, and whatever the heck Greedo spoke).

Rey’s piloting abilities, Drive ability, and lightsaber prowess are also wholly defensible. One can account for the first from a combination of Rey’s familiarity with starships from her occupation and her latent Drive ability (the identical type of i am batman t shirt women’s means that allowed a young Anakin Skywalker to win the Boonta Eve podrace and destroy the droid control middle in the Phantom Menace, and that allowed Luke Skywalker to hearth two proton torpedos right into a 2-meter huge space on the Death Star). Rey herself is a bit mystified by her piloting abilities, which further suggests a manifestation of Force sensitivity.

But that’s i am batman t shirt women’s simply piloting a starship. What about Jedi mind tricks, use of the Pressure, and lightsaber dueling Regarding the primary two, it’s inaccurate to comment, as some have, that Rey has no reason to know it’s even potential to make use of the Pressure, much less in the way she makes use of it. For in addition to imbibing a sort of mythic sense of Luke Skywalker in some unspecified time in the future in her life prior to the film, learning from Han Solo that the Pressure is actual, studying from the sensible Maz Kanata that the Drive has called to her, and having an introductory Drive “vision quest” from Luke’s lightsaber, Rey has acquired unwitting instruction from Kylo Ren, her rival by the end of the film, in the ways of the Drive by his using it in opposition to her. This Pressure suggestions loop is particularly apparent when he, trying to read her mind, gets his own mind learn, however it is reasonable to infer that this occurs at different instances (e.g.Rey learns that the Pressure can affect the minds of others when Ren makes use of it to knock her out; she learns the Drive can be used telekenetically when Ren uses it to throw her against a tree).

However what concerning the lightsaber battle Surely even a self-awarely Drive-sensitive youngling couldn’t greatest a skilled Sith like Kylo Ren Au contraire. For not solely is Ren–whose training, we learn from Snoke, is incomplete–compromised emotionally–by killing his father (be aware his considerably-psychotic punching himself where wounded to make himself bleed)–and physically–by a shot proper to the stomach from a weapon established earlier in the movie as quite highly effective–but he also confronted Rey after having already dueled and dispatched the valiant but Pressure-insensitive Finn. Rey additionally fights Ren with a weapon established earlier in the film as having a mind of its own, a thoughts that has sought her out, and a mind that appears to act in her favor. Ren can be fighting her to not kill her however to seize her for Snoke (for Pokemon players: Ren wanted to catch Rey, however he didn’t have a Master Ball).

When Ren and Snoke discuss Rey, moreover, they communicate of an “awakening,” a time period that has not appeared in any prior Star Wars film, which suggests Rey is taking a different path alongside the Power than we have now seen earlier than. Ren and Rey’s unusual Power potency likewise suggests that the Power itself is appearing differently from previous films (the movie is called The Power Awakens). This turns into ironic in mild of the criticism (I shall discuss next) that The Power Awakens is just too similar to previous Star Wars films, as many of its critics hold simultaneously that a) Rey’s path to the Drive is too totally different from what we’ve seen in previous Star Wars films and b) The Pressure Awakens is just too just like past Star Wars motion pictures. And if Ren and Supreme Chief Snoke, two of the galaxy’s three most powerful Pressure users, felt Rey’s awakening, then surely Luke Skywalker, the galaxy’s third, felt it as nicely. This is hypothesis for now, but who’s to say that Luke didn’t information her from afar

Stepping again outside of intra-movie logic, recall that Star Wars is replete with powerful characters. Certainly, the Pressure itself is a bit of a cheat, enabling no matter powers or plot points required at any given second and producing powerful characters, problems which were with Star Wars since the beginning and are hardly distinctive to this movie. (A buddy of mine once suggested to me that the most effective method to understood Star Wars is to change every instance of “the Force” with “the plot.” E.g.Star Wars Episode VII: The Plot Awakens; “The plot is robust with this one”; “Use the plot”; “The plot is all around us,” and so on.). Even so, Rey’s reliance on “feelings” to change into better in tune with the Drive is consistent with the Force’s considerably inconsistent logic.

It is also untrue that Rey is uninteresting and fails to do something unsuitable. In contrast to the whiny, spoiled, wanderlusting brat Luke in A brand new Hope, Rey clings to her life on Jakku in the vain hope that the mother and father who way back abandoned her will return; it visibly pains her to depart that hope behind. The next claim (never does something improper) can be unfaithful: On Han Solo’s freighter, she by accident releases harmful monsters, practically killing several of her pals; in Maz Kanata’s castle, she runs away from her apparent destiny to be a Jedi, persisting in the hope of returning to her mother and father; having run away, she nearly gets herself killed when failing to hearth a blaster correctly (something Luke, in this argument a superior character, never had any bother doing, by the way), and shortly afterward gets herself captured.

Thus, Rey is a much more interesting, believable, and defensible character than the rap in opposition to Women’s Print BLACK-CANARY Short Sleeve Tee Shirt i am batman t shirt women’s her suggests. And we haven’t even seen her arc play out fully. Luke was nothing fascinating by the end of A brand new Hope; it is unfair to ask Rey to have a trilogy’s worth of character improvement in a single film.