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Boring Stevey Standing Update

I had an thrilling morning of not getting fired in the present day. Get this: I am on a visit to Google’s Mountain View headquarters, and was glancing at Reddit between meetings, and lo and behold, I was inexplicably in the Reddit Tabloids again, this time for being fired, or so people were speculating (far too hopefully, I’d add. Geez.) Evidently, I immediately put all my different work-associated plans on “pause” whereas I tried to determine whether I used to be, in truth, being fired. Cannot accuse me of not having my priorities straight!

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Raw Hair Bulk Material 15 Inch To 24 Inch 500g Wholesale Price Natural BlackIt turns out it was a minor mixup by an automated system, a system that decided to leap-start its personal evolution by going straight from brownian movement to VP-level decision-making (2 evolutionary hops whole. Hee.). This automated system had apparently simply watched the film Brazil, and thought it can be fun to ship me off to Data Retrieval. So my account was disabled, from which lonely data level the Reddit crowd concluded that I have to be getting fired right now, in real time, like OJ in his white SUV. And seeing as I was too surprised to consider a counter-hypothesis, I spent about 20 minutes in an undignified, trouser-soiling panic. Thanks, Reddit!

Anyhoo, after some buddies inside Google had undone the error for me, I pondered the general thrust of the Reddit remark thread (“You suck”. “No, YOU suck.” “Your mother sucks.” comment score below threshold) and decided I really ought to write something. In any other case I am likely to fall off the wagon and disappear for a yr. Time is just whooshing away. I wish I might get back to Highschool Time, where even a single hour-lengthy class can seem like eternity, and four years is effectively infinite. Sigh.

I do have a bunch of half-finished blog posts mendacity around, however nothing has actually gelled yet. So I guess I am going to ramble about stuff I’ve been up to. You understand. A standing update. Blech.

Incidentally, I’ve decided to try to limit myself to roughly 1000-word posts, which is about the length of a newspaper column, near as I can inform. I’ll prolly simply name it 5000 non-whitespace characters, and write an Emacs perform to tell me after i’ve gone over. Off the highest of my head, perhaps something like:

(defun blog-check ()
(goto-char (level-min))
(let ((depend 0))
(while human hair lace front wigs for black women (not (eobp))
(except (wanting-at “\\s-“)
(incf rely))
(message “%s: %d chars, %d phrases”
(if (<= count 5000)
"OK so far"
"Dude, too long")
(/ count 5)))))

which, once i run M-x weblog-check, faithfully reports:
“You suck.” “No, YOU suck.” “Your mom sucks.”
Oops, sorry. Unsuitable macro. My new perform truly tells me:
Okay up to now: 2177 chars, 435 words.
Halfway there, child!

So.. In 500-ish remaining words, here are the primary issues that come to mind as I sit on this comfy trendy-wanting couch in Constructing 43 of Google’s Mountain View headquarters.

I’ve been doing a variety of JavaScript-related stuff recently. I don’t know if JavaScript 2 (aka ECMAScript Version 4) goes to be the following Large Language, but it’s actually going to be a Subsequent Huge Language. (There’s room for more than one, clearly.) And in the meantime, well, JavaScript 1.7 is working plenty properly for me.

Let’s see.. I’m working on a e-book on Mozilla Rhino with Norris Boyd (the primary creator of Rhino, now a Googler in Boston). It is coming alongside in bursts, and is probably about 10% full after 3 months of dorking around with it on weekends between football video games (that goes for both me and Norris, because it seems, though his team is 12-0, dammit). However it ought to be a reasonably cool e-book, assuming soccer season ever ends. The e book is just about where all my Joke Output has been centered lately, which hopefully helps explain my current weblog drought.

I have been watching the EcmaScript Edition four fireworks with keen interest. While I would not need to name any particular events, for concern of offending somebody, it seems to me that one occasion, whom I’ll confer with as “Uncle Mike”, is as much as his perverted old tricks once more. If, like many others, you’re feeling that “Uncle Mike” is being a “full dickwad” (to place it as euphemistically as I can) then you definitely might help by getting all your folks and gross sales individuals and random members of the family to switch to Firefox. Actually. It will assist.

You might also write a polite letter to your favorite Ecma Basic Assembly Voting Member Firm, telling them how much you and your ten thousand closest pals are actually wanting ahead to the imminent ratification of EcmaScript Edition 4. Or hell, spam all of them. That is what Uncle Mike does.

Continuing in the spirit of freeing all my cats from bag-imprisonment, I should also point out I’ve been working on an Ecma-262 compliant JavaScript interpreter in Emacs-Lisp. I used to have actual particulars right here, nevertheless it ate up 1000+ words, so I am going to simply summarize for ya.

The quick synopsis is that I’m building an entire JavaScript setting in Emacs-Lisp, with two objectives: (1) create a world-class JavaScript IDE for Emacs, and (2) permit writing Emacs extensions in JavaScript, since (2a) people aren’t exactly flocking to elisp, and human hair lace front wigs for black women (2b) JavaScript seems to be a better language, now that I do know them both in excruciating element. Emacs is a superb environment that needs a greater extension language, and JavaScript appears nicely suited to navigate the popularity-vs.-elegance tightrope I am confronted with.

That is the elevator pitch: places individuals to sleep in 20 seconds, guaranteed.
The status-in-temporary is that I now have a completely useful, Ecma-262 compliant JavaScript interpreter and runtime in elisp, which began as a port of Narcissus. I’m at present reworking the parser and parse tree to be sooner and more IDE-friendly. Subsequent I’ll need to turn the interpreter right into a byte-compiler that emits Emacs-Lisp bytecode, which ought to allow it to run as quick as (or sooner than) Emacs-Lisp. Then I will want to really write the IDE and the emacs host objects.

The entire thing appears to be a minimum of a year out, at least on my present price range of 3 hours per week, so don’t hold your breath. I am giving precedence to the IDE functionality, since I kinda want it for other initiatives, so that could doubtlessly occur by summer time.

In case you happen to think about a intelligent title for this challenge, please let me know.
Other Stuff

Properly, this 1000-word limit is.. a toughie. I’ve already blown by means of it, although hopefully I get some slack for counting HTML tags. However I should wrap up, so I will shut with some Unsubstantiated Random Thoughts that possibly I can clarify in upcoming crudely-truncated entries:

Google continues to be an astoundingly superior place to work. Like my pal Dominic says, “it looks like I’ve won the lottery every day.”

Our Rhino on Rails framework is still working nice for us, and has finally begun to realize severe inner momentum at Google. Hopefully next yr we can open-supply it.

Interviewing for tech jobs at Google continues to be really laborious (for each interviewer and interviewee), and that i’ve accumulated sufficient really helpful interviewee-prep tricks to advantage a full weblog publish. Look for that one quickly.

I nonetheless use Emacs to an extent that might justifiably be described as “unhealthy”. I’d like to do one other Effective Emacs post sometime.

I still watch a lot of Anime. At the moment watching Le Chevalier D’Eon, which is pretty superior thus far.

I taught my dog Cino to play guitar, a feat which so astounds people that all of them say I ought to put it on YouTube, so there’s One more Aspect Venture for me.

I’d love to write down more about all this. The 1000-word restrict appears to have made it possible for me to create posts in a single sitting, with no bathroom breaks, provided I can actually go to 1500 “words”. So hopefully along with all my side projects, I can weblog more typically.

And with that, I’ll get back to my “day job” challenge(s), that are sadly confidential. However they’re so cool that if I did tell you about them, you’d be so overwhelmed that you simply’d must go sit in considered one of our $5000-ish therapeutic massage chairs, like the dude sitting subsequent to me proper now.

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