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Here’s What You’ll want to Know To keep Your Hair Healthy, Stylish In Summer

Rising mercury levels could be arduous on your curly locks. The heat and humidity that are typical of Mumbai summers cause curly hair to shortly become dull and dehydrated

Kangana Ranaut went all out with her curly look at the Cannes Film Festival. pic/Getty Photographs

Kangana Ranaut’s jaunty curls have recently been living it up under the balmy French sun — a feat that stylists and other curly-hair wearers swear is much more difficult than it seems. The heat and humidity that are typical of Mumbai summers cause curly hair to quickly change into dull and dehydrated. Your curls lose their shape and definition quicker, and your mane becomes frizzy, discoloured and untameable as the mercury rises.

A lot of this damage can be attributed to increased exposure to UV light during sunnier months, says Dr Batul Patel, a dermatologist at the Bombay Skin Clinic. “UVA radiation is answerable for changes to hair colour, while UVB rays cause keratin [a fibrous protein that’s the first constituent of hair] to deteriorate,” she explains. The heat causes curly hair — already drier than straight hair — to become even more dehydrated, which, in turn, makes the cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair shaft, scaly. Your hair absorbs moisture from the ambiance, and individual strands swell up, leading to that dreaded summer time frizz, says Amir Khan, style director at Jean Claude Biguine. It also gets sweatier much quicker, and regular washing is essential to keep your scalp clear. However, repeated shampooing can strip your hair of moisture, which contributes to more frizz and fewer good hair days.

This is how you may make just a few simple changes to your hair care routine, and achieve the bouncy, curly hair of your dreams.

Asha Barrak
Choose the best products

The important thing to achieving a lush head of curls lies in figuring out the suitable products for curly hair, says Pavithra Rajkumar, blogger at Purely Curlie. “Most conditioners and serums comprise silicones, which leave behind residue. To combat this, shampoos are infused with sulphates, which may be particularly drying for curly hair,” she says. Asha Barrak, who blogs about curly hair on Right Ringlets and is also the founder of the Facebook group Indian Curl Pride, recommends avoiding gels or other hold products that contain alcohol denat, SD alcohol or another types of alcohol as they could cause further dryness.

Instead, she recommends using a mild, sulphate-free shampoo followed by a rich moisturising conditioner. Follow this up with a leave-in conditioner, and layer this with gel to offer your hair lasting hold and definition. “Search for exhausting- hold gels containing styling polymers comparable to VP/VA copolymer and acrylates copolymer, or polyquaterniums. Keep away from merchandise that comprise a excessive focus of humectants similar to glycerine, propylene glycol and sodium PCA,” she says.

This done, scrunch your hair to boost your curls and let your hair air dry. “Don’t separate your curls as this may introduce frizz,” she warns, including that the gel can depart a solid because it dries. “Scrunching your hair to take away this solid as soon as it is totally dry will make your hair feel soft once more,” she suggests. Fellow curly hair blogger Pallavi Juneja (The Curious Jalebi) factors out that how to sew on a lace frontal brushing curly hair causes breakage and frizz. As an alternative, she asks that you simply detangle your hair utilizing your fingers or a large-toothed comb whereas your hair remains to be coated with conditioner.

Pallavi Juneja
Stop dryness

Along with regular conditioning, Juneja advocates treating your hair to a moisturising deep conditioning mask no less than as soon as every week throughout summer time. She makes use of a number of DIY recipes, together with a combination of one ripe banana, two tablespoons of olive, coconut or almond oil, and one tablespoon of yoghurt together with a couple of drops of your favorite important oil to fight the odour. Go away the mask for roughly half-hour, earlier than rinsing with plain water. Alternatively, use two tablespoons of coconut milk and one tablespoon of honey. These masks work greatest when used on freshly washed damp hair. Further, she advises minimising using shampoo throughout summer season, and merely rinsing sweaty hair out with water or washing the lengths of your hair with conditioner as a substitute of shampoo. She additionally whips up a easy gel by combining floor flaxseed and water, with a number of drops of essential oil. “Merchandise containing genuine Argan oil moisturise hair and battle dryness with exceptional efficiency,” says Rohit Murgai, nationwide head of hair providers at VLCC.

Protect your mane
Should you intend to spend a good amount of time in the pool in summer time, Murgai advises soaking your hair in faucet water earlier than heading out for a swim. “Hair saturated with clean water won’t soak up as a lot chlorinated pool water,” he says, “You may also protect your hair with a mild layer of oil. After each swim, make sure that to rinse out all of the chlorinated water and apply a deep conditioner.” Juneja additionally recommends overlaying your hair with a latex cap whereas swimming, and a satin scarf or hat whereas travelling.

Disha Jagadish
Type it proper

As an alternative of further drying out your strands with heat styling, Disha Jagadish, digital marketer and blogger at That Sassy Curl, advises slicking your hair again into a high ponytail to stay cool while also flaunting your curls. Smoothen out any frizz with gel, she says, and canopy up your hair tie with a piece of hair for a more sophisticated finish. Messy buns are another simple, but stylish technique to beat the heat, she adds. For fancy occasions, wear your hair half-up and half-down, pulling the hair around your face to the back of your head and securing it with bobby pins. Tug gently on the crown for added quantity, she says. Damaged hair and split ends aren’t very good at retaining moisture, says Juneja, who makes it a point to trim her hair before each summer. “If your hair is extensively damaged, choose a trendy layered fashion to begin afresh,” she advises.

Actor Tanaaz Irani was amongst the first to proudly embrace her curls on the silver display screen and has inspired thousands of women to shun the flat iron. Speaking about her summer hair maintenance routine, she says, “I be certain that to make use of a depart-in conditioner in summer season, mixed with oil substitute therapy. This, together with common hair spas, retains my curls moisturised. If I’m in a rush, I take advantage of an oil mask and go away it on for half-hour earlier than washing. I do not use too many styling merchandise in summer, as they make the hair stiff and onerous to keep up.

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