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How To Apply A Lace Wig Using Got2b Glued Gel In 5 Simple Steps

After my earlier article, 7 Issues They Didn’t Let you know About got2b glued In your Lace Wig, I obtained a number of emails about how I apply my lace wig units utilizing the Got2b Glued hair gel. Before I spill all of the tea, there are some things we want to contemplate:

First, you want to grasp that that is hair gel and never a bonding agent. I do know it may be upsetting when 90% of the beauty neighborhood makes use of this product and their wigs look amazing, however, when you attempt to make use of it you’ll be able to hardly get it to stay. I used to be there at one level. Nonetheless, I had to understand that if I wished this product to work for me, I’d should work with IT.

Second, body composition plays an enormous function within the longevity of the hold. When you have very oily pores and skin otherwise you sweat, as I do, then you will wrestle a bit extra with the application and put on of the product. This doesn’t imply it can’t work for you. It simply means you’ll have to take additional steps to secure your unit.

Third, you need endurance. Any time you might be applying a lace adhesive or substituting for another product, the drying process is probably the most important step. Knowing this, you should not rush the process. Your glue, or in this case gel, needs how to put in braid extensions time to cure so it could possibly give you most hold.

Now that we’ve obtained the formalities out of the best way, let’s get laced.
Step 1 – Clean the area

The best way to ensure you’ve gotten a very safe hold is to take away the oils, dirt, sweat, and product build up from the area. I like to use 91% alcohol to wash the area. PLEASE Do not use an alcohol of this concentration if your skin is sensitive. I like to recommend doing a patch test to make sure your skin will not react negatively. If you don’t wish to make how to put in braid extensions use of alcohol, you possibly can attempt utilizing a pores and skin protector.

Step 2 – Apply a thin Layer and Dry Completely
I find one of the best ways to realize most hold is to place a barrier between the gel and your skin. This can be achieved by applying a skinny layer of the gel and drying it fully on a cool setting. As soon as the gel is completely dry, you will have a superb base for a stronger hold.

Step three – Apply a layer and Dry Until Tacky 1-three Occasions
Now that now we have a base, it’s time to start out the layering process. I do know this generally is a bit intimidating because when we hear “layer” we think of build up and flaking. Whereas this could happen, we will drastically reduce the adverse results if we patiently full these steps. When making use of the gel, I like to use a small eyeshadow brush, flat foundation brush, or a qtip. This allows me to manage how much product I place on my pores and skin, spread the product evenly, and keep my palms clear. Apply a thin layer and allow it to dry until it’s tacky. Every time I need a stronger hold, I apply 2 layers of tacky gel which adds up to 3 layers with the base layer.

Step 4 – Apply the Lace in Sections
Once you’ve applied your gel, apply your lace in sections. I like to begin with the middle (middle of my forehead) so that I can make certain the lace is aligned correctly. After I’ve the center completely positioned, I apply the sides by urgent them into the gel.

Step 5- Wrap Perimeter with a Scarf

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The ultimate step is to wrap the perimeter of your head with a scarf and permit time for it to dry Utterly. This step is certainly one of an important steps. You want to allow the gel to dry completely so as to attain a most hold for optimum slayage!

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