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Black Eye-liner, And Get Some Streaks

Don’t go emo..pleeeeeeeeeeease.
Effectively may you briefly dye it black Or perhaps add some crimson or blue hair streaks. Or what about some emo side bangs :] Get some stlying gel and experiment. Good luck.

um your hair doesnt how to prevent dry hair need to be black for you to be emo last time i checked.
simply be your self weather its emo or not, youll look great. and by the best way, emo isn’t chopping yourself, dont ever say that.

Yeah, your hair doesn’t have to be black to look emo. I’ve black hair, and I believe its extra of the best way that you just costume that makes you look more prefer it.

i am emo what you do i have brown hair just get a boy lower kinda likke zac efron
but ew look at the second site

Just so you know, desirous to “look” emo is named scene. And that is soooo steritypical that you’d say that you do not lower yourself. EMO’S Do not Lower THEMSELVES. That is Just a LIE. But you may want to get some black clothes, studded belts, bracelets, or necklaces. Black eye-liner, and get some streaks Youo don’t should have black hair to “look emo”. I believe that if you bought streaks, if would “look very emo” (aka scene)!

dont go emo. trust me.

but if u must, use black lipstick
not cutting is good choice. but ppl will asume that u minimize ur self since u look emo. it’ll cuase bother with ur parets. turst me. dad and mom are su ******* controlling and asuming.

in my case, i dresses a bit black.LOL(hip hop/ large T/ southpole, NIke sneaker/ hats) and they acquired pisssssed.

i get over 4.0 GPA. and so they nonetheless assume im going Dangerous or wut ever. uggghg. i recommend u not dressing like a emo. but if u r gonna, discuss to ur parets, be certain that they dont develop into strict and mean on u. they might even arrange some assembly with how to prevent dry hair the docs.(is determined by how contorlling they r).

Identical Here hmm you may just get the cool choppy layers have a look at some scene hair w/ out the coloration its cool thats what i need but i am unable to dye my hair both i really feel your pain woman

paint your nails black and wear band tees

Please dont go emo. Its so out of fashion..not that it was ever in, some people just thought it was.

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