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The Lengthy And Wanting It

Are hair extensions for you Get the 411 from this Spa Girl who took the plunge!
I really like my mother, however unfortunately I inherited her skinny hair. I’ve dreamed of lengthy, flowing locks for years however like many of you, hesitated to get real hair extensions and opted for clip-ins to create the quantity and length I wished. The strategy of clipping in extensions and styling them each morning was a daunting process, which I was completely over. I was able to upgrade!

Grade 10A Remy Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave 3 Bundles With 1pcs 4x4 Bodywave Free Part Lace ClosureSo the place do you go for high quality hair extensions Who do you belief Do extensions wreck your hair Is it worth it Yes, those questions plagued me too. Learn on for my own personal expertise with hair extensions!

How I Selected
After an extensive amount of analysis I selected DreamCatchers Hair Extensions for two reasons. First, DreamCatchers makes use of high quality hair with a two-year guarantee. The standard of the hair used to your extensions is vitally important. I’ve seen a lot of unhealthy weaves and i refuse to be a victim of unhealthy hair extensions. Good hair extensions should mix with your natural hair and nobody should be in a position to tell you’re carrying them.

Second, the creator of DreamCatchers is a hair loss professional and created extensions that aren’t damaging to skinny hair. In case you have thin hair, extensions which might be bonded, glued or taped to your tresses might be incredibly damaging because the extensions are too heavy inflicting your hair to be ripped out from the basis. OUCH!

DreamCatchers use a “micro-cylinder” expertise that is everlasting, reusable and non-damaging. Performed!

The place I Went
I decided to go to Primp and Blow in Scottsdale to get my hair extensions. The stylists at Primp and Blow are educated and certified “DreamTeam” DreamCatchers technicians so I was assured that I was in capable hands. Plus, I’ve been going to them repeatedly over the past a number of months and simply adore the staff there. The pleasant vibe and the extra touches like complimentary refreshments and digital magazines make it a simple place to hang out for a number of hours.

First Things First
The first step is deciding on the fashion and shade of your hair extensions. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but thankfully I had my stylist, Bri, to information me by means of the process. Up to now, I have only seen straight hair extensions but DreamCatchers are available quite a lot of textures, from pin straight to Shirley Temple curly. I have naturally curly hair (that I straighten after which re-curl with a curling iron – go determine) and I was able to get extensions with a texture that matches mine. That is vital because if I resolve to let my hair dry naturally, it’ll blend with the naturally curly extensions as a substitute of my hair being a curly mess on high of straight hair.

After I picked the texture that matched my hair, I had to resolve on a shade. DreamCatchers has each shade possible starting from hot pink to deep ebony. Bri helped me decide two colors that blended naturally with my hair — a deep brown and some lighter brunette highlights woven in for depth.

The process
When the large day lastly got here, I arrived on the salon how to flat iron your hair with clear, dry hair and a very enthusiastic attitude and a very good e book in hand. You don’t need to have hair extensions utilized to dirty hair. If oil gets beneath the micro-cylinder that binds your hair to the extension, it can slip out.

Additionally, persistence is essential. The applying course of can take up to 3 hours (with trimming, shampoo and elegance). Be ready to chill out, carry something to maintain your self entertained and make sure that you’re not in a rush. The one factor you don’t wish to do is rush your stylist.

Bri got to work straight away by separating the hair extensions and sectioning off my hair. Starting from the bottom and dealing her manner up, she began to weave the extension via the micro-cylinder and in to my hair. Throughout the three-hour course of, a number of clients asked to feel my hair and inquired concerning the hair extensions. I had an awesome dialog with Bri (about boys, celebrities and her audition for “The Voice”) and before I knew it, she was carried out with the applying and ready to trim. Bri methodically trimmed the extensions to mix my pure hair.

The results
Confident and ready to take my new hair for a test drive, Bri washed and styled my hair. Not solely did the extensions blend completely with my natural hair, it gave me a renewed sense of confidence. Clipping in hair extension was incredibly time-consuming and it by no means felt as if I had lengthy hair; it just felt like something was sitting on high of my head. The DreamCatchers Hair Extensions are virtually weightless they usually feel and look like my pure hair. I met my girlfriends for drinks after I left Primp and Blow, and the pure look of the hair extensions blew them away.

The primary 24
The first 24 hours with my new hair was fantastic. I loved washing and styling it. One factor I wasn’t ready for was how long it took to blow dry my hair. Before the extensions, it would take me 5 minutes to dry my hair. It took about 15 minutes to blow it dry with the extensions. I definitely had to readjust my morning routine.

Another factor I never expected was the boldness I gained from having the hair extensions. I literally feel like a completely new lady. While costly ($1,500), with a two-year guarantee and the experts at Primp and Blow on my aspect, they had been price every penny. I won’t ever go back to clip-in hair extensions.

I have to go back in 4 to six weeks to have the micro-cylinders moved up. As your hair grows, the cylinders will move away from the base of the hair. It’s vitally vital that you simply go to your stylist each 4 to six weeks so that the cylinders are launched safely after which slid up the hair shaft and correctly re-crimped in place. Don’t do that at residence!

Caring in your new hair extensions is simple as long as you maintain them correctly from the beginning. Your stylist ought to provide you with an inventory of directions as mine did. Here’s what you want to know:

Make sure you ease any tangling that may happen with your fingers. Knotting can develop, which may cause harm to your extensions and your natural hair.
When conditioning and applying merchandise in your hair, keep away from the roots. If oil gets underneath the cylinders, it may cause the extension to slide out.
Do not color your hair extensions. This was the one thing that Bri made very clear. If you wish to coloration your hair, have the stylist who applied the extensions take them out first. Coloring the extensions can permanently damage them.
Don’t reduce the hair extensions. If you need to have your hair trimmed, return to the stylist who put them in. Hairdressers not conversant in DreamCatchers may damage the extensions using incorrect technique or lower the extensions too short.
Take extra care when brushing your hair. Don’t pull too exhausting as a result of this will likely rip the extension from the micro-cylinder.

Additional Studying
Listed below are a couple of fun and useful assets on hair extensions.

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