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I’m Combined, How Can I Get My Hair To Lock

I’m combined, how can i get my hair to lock
so i do know blacks hair locks fairly straightforward, and i know white peoples hair has a tough how to do beckham hairstyle time locking.

effectively i am mixed,
my hair shouldn’t be ” really nappy” however could be very very coarse. and curly.

however at the identical time its some what streight, but not like white peoples hair.
so tell me, how can i get my hair to lock,

i simply love dreds and the best way the look, and they are somewhat simple to take care of.
so agine i’m combined, with loopy hair. how can i get it to lock

bees wax – no joke, put bees wax in your hair and twist it
it would finally wash out and youre hair shall be dreads

Go to the hair salon. They must be blissful to do it for you.
Grease and hairspray, my buddy, grease and hairspray

i dunno im white.. i straighten my hair ALOT

Hey I am No*no
100g Body Wavy Indian Remy Hair #27 Strawberry BlondeI black and my most of my household has locks. I put my mates hair in locks. He is white. And all you must do is tease your hair before you lock it. Make your hair really frizzy. It would help it lock quicker, and stronger.

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