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How To choose The Best Wig Brush

Now that you’ve found your good wig, you is perhaps questioning how best to care for it. It’s extraordinarily vital that you know how you can care for it properly to be able to maintain its high quality and look. Understanding how to choose the best wig brush is a crucial step in caring for your wig in the long run. Normal on a regular basis brushes are too harsh on a wig as they will stretch and pull out the wig hairs, instead of gently brushing through them.

Wig Brush Options:
Wig Comb

A wig comb is good and gentle on wig hair strands, allowing you to brush by your wig with out damaging it. These do the job of untangling nicely, and may simply fit into your handbag for a quick fix up! Wig combs are ideal for use on wigs as they won’t tug or damage the hair fibres.

Wig Styling Brush
Styling brushes are nice for being gentle on your wig while permitting you to type it in the way you need. Metal prongs are good for wigs as the inflexible bristles can simply get rid of tangles and glide by your wig. These kinds of wig brushes often have bobbles on the end to prevent the hair from dragging and protecting the fibres of the wig. Preferrred for synthetic wigs, these brushes are much better at styling when compared to combs, and assist to create a wonderfully easy look.

Human Hair Brush
Brushes made specifically for human hair will help you to protect and look after your human hair wig, taming any fly aways and helping you to style your wig. Whether you’re seeking to detangle or add some volume and style, utilizing a human hair wig brush can enable you to achieve this nicely. Anti-static human hair brushes are implausible at preventing your wig from becoming static when styled or brushed.

How to Brush Your Wig
Brushing a wig how to apply tape in hair extensions is a bit more difficult than brushing common human hair, as somewhat more care needs to be taken. Rule number one is to never brush a wig when it is wet, notably if it is a human hair wig. Your wig is at its weakest and most susceptible to wreck when it’s wet, and so brushing it might completely stretch and harm your wig. To avoid this, be sure your wig is properly dried before brushing.
Contrary to how you would usually brush hair, wigs needs to be brushed from the bottom upwards. Brushing a wig from the roots and downwards may cause the brush or comb to catch knots and pull strands out of your wig.
For curly wigs, it’s best to brush them out with your fingers. Brushes and combs can harm the curls and smash the look.

The important thing to brushing a wig is being gentle. Wigs are way more delicate than your own hair,
and a lot drive can pull hair strands out. Take your time and be affected person for the best result!

Why It is best to Brush Your Wig
This can be very essential to keep on top of wig care and brush it on a regular basis. This allows you to get rid of any knots that can build up and grow over time. Small and minor knots are a lot easier to take away than large ones, and since it’s a must to brush delicately, this is harder to do when your wig has massive knots that should be removed.

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Taking care to choose the best wig brush or comb while understanding how one can brush your wig will enable you to take care of and look after your wig correctly. Caring on your wig isn’t a tough activity, but will pay-off when you do it right! Do not hesitate to contact us when you have any questions regarding wig care.

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