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Pure Wanting Sew-In + Tape-in, Braidless, Fusion, Micro Beads, Microlink Observe Hair Extensions

Who they’re for: Microlink extensions are for girls who still take care of their hair however want something more pure than observe n brazilian sew. Microlinks ought to be a first step before doing fusion extensions typically, but the second step after observe and sew.


Type of hair needed: Microlinks are individual strands of hair which might be pre-tipped with glue for closure only. Not like fusions the tips are very skinny/tiny to be able to suit within the beads. They cannot be fused to your hair. They are also bought in bunches.

Kind of hair: The perfect hair is named Remy hair. Remy isn’t a model itself, it’s simply a sort of hair. Remy means the cuticles are pointed in the identical path. This is the healthiest hair, it lasts longer, and reduces tangles. So you possibly can choose any kind of brand you want but you want to ensure it’s “100% human remy hair”. Anticipate the next price, often that means it is better hair. Remy hair should not be low-cost.

We supply your hair
Colour: To match the shade of extensions to your hair coloration you have to go to the shop and have them hold it as much as your hair out of the bag. Ensure that the ends match not the roots as a result of the ends are what blend into the extensions. I am in a position to coloration match extensions you choose however there is no guarantee it would come out a perfect match. Coloration extensions and hair extensions are two different shade traces. I cannot dye your hair a #2 after which send you to purchase a #2 extension.. they will not match.

Set up: Installation time takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Set up contains limitless items. Worth is a flat price wether you’ve got one hundred or 200 pieces. Set up additionally includes a flatiron and any cutting/blending wanted for a natural look. Each installation will get a take home care sheet as effectively if needed. These extensions may be tightened each four weeks.

Value: $200&up +gst for installation. $99& up +gst for tightening. $$99 & up +gst for removing. Price of hair varies *We provide hair* Hair may be picked up at all That & Extra Hair Salon 678-663-5298 ask 4 Kia. The associated fee is dependent upon the length you need and the quality you need. The model for microlinks is called “All That & Extra Premium” there can also be a new brand called “Diamond” too. Price is close to $100 per pack. You’ll be able to purchase beads from me with install if you convey your own hair at $10 per 50 regular beads or $forty per a hundred silicone beads. In the event you decide them up yourself, All That & Extra Customized Hair Extensions sells the silicone lined ones at $50 for 200 special limited time.

Risks: These extensions do not damage your hair. Damage occurs from poor upkeep, styling instruments, and excess pulling of the hair. Constant scratching can create bumps/pimples and/or sores/scabs. You will need to brush your hair on the scalp. If matting occurs here the extensions needs to be taken out, brushed out, after which replaced asap. If tightening is left to lengthy, brushes may catch the beads and rip them out with your hair or matting can turn out to be worse.

Uncomfortable side effects: When being installed there is a slight pulling, child hairs typically get caught and due to this fact sometimes there is also just a little bit of pulling of those too. Headaches are normal the first day and sleep for the primary couples days will probably be uncomfortable till they loosen up. It is advised you take an advil before your appointment and again before bed. Nevertheless the ache it nothing! Its principally from the load of the hair and recent install. My regular clients do not take something.

Length they last: On average these extensions last 3-6+ months. Tightening can be done each 4 weeks and as long as the hair is taken care of they can repeatedly be retightened. These are the longest lasting extensions. However how long they final nonetheless depends upon how fast your hair grows and the homemade conditioner for frizzy hair way well you’re taking care of them. In the event that they begin to matt your safest guess is to redo them, they cannot be tightened if there’s a matt.

Maintenance: Use your depart in conditioner and serum everyday! Serum will help cut back tangles dont be shy. Depart in conditioner homemade conditioner for frizzy hair helps with brushing so you are not snapping hairs that may ultimately matt up. You could gently brush the hair from bottom to your scalp, sections are always a very good factor. A loop brush is very instructed. I do sell loop brushes. You must also wrap, 2 strand twist or braid your hair every night for greatest outcomes.

Removal: Removal is easy. My instrument goes in through the highest and the bottom of the bead and opens it up from the inside letting the hair slide out. Though they slide proper off there continues to be typically slightly little bit of pulling right here and there. Removing can take around 30-forty five minutes. Remember that on a regular basis we shed naturally 50-100 hairs. When you have got a link, the hair that has shed remains to be caught in that hyperlink. When your extensions are taken out you will lose hair. This is only your natural shed that has already fallen off. There will probably be very little, but there is still a bit. It is completely regular.

Why you need to get them: As a result of they’re the longest lasting method. They are also very fashionable and most girls discover it safer than fusions. They are undetectable if blended properly. They will add highlights or lowlights instantly. They add beautiful lengths and quantity. They’ll last a very very long time with the correct care and upkeep.

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