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Will Lemon Juice Lighten Black Hair

Yes, but probably to not the color you want. Plus lemon juice could be very damaging to your is going to literally break off. If you would like to change the color, call Lady Clarol.

Maybe, however it’s going to also make it dry and brittle.

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I tried it, but it surely didn’t work for me. I counsel you buy some temporary hair dye. Good hairpieces for thinning hair on top luck!

You shouldn’t do that. I heard it weakens your hair and makes it really thin. Also, when you do it, it can probably not turn out the color you expect it to be. So, yea, I wouldn’t do it. =D

I’d call a hair salon in your space and ask them what their opinion is.

nevertheless it might not be what u want.
yah. and you may think this is form of weird, but avacado acts like a conditioner for your hair! cuz it helps restore the wave PH steadiness!! and i’m not being sarcastic.

i am pakistani so my hair is the same coloration and lemon juice just gives my hair a brownish tint but it also frizzes ur hair and makes it look rough. why do not u strive John Frieda Sensible Brunette Glaze It gives a pleasant tint.

It most likely will not change colour at all, if it did it could only be a slight ginger-brown tint
Try highlights if you want to lighten a bit

No, dont do it..
It’ll go Orange..Ive seen it first hand!!

Cant you simply get a salon to do it for you People in here keep asking questions on doing fairly drastic issues to their hair when they dont know what the outcome might be..

To me my hair is precious as I lost it all as a consequence of sickness..Now i’ve sufficient to play about with, however I get it performed at a salon everytime..I have white/blonded hair..naturally very dark brown.. It takes a while to get the roots to go, but the girls at the hairdresser konw wht they’re doing, they use bout 4 different things to get the color right, and apply it evenly..

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