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Our Answer Is All the time “REMY” Or “NON-REMY”

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A standard query asked by many shoppers is, what grade of hair will we use in our wigs Our answer is at all times “REMY” or “NON-REMY”. When labels like AAA and AAAA+ are seen on websites and packs of hair extensions and other comparable products, individuals surprise what these grades mean. They’re meant to be hair grades; however the reality is, no such grades exist. There are principally, two classes of hair in the marketplace, “REMY” which include 100% human hair with cuticles that are aligned in the same direction. “REMY” hair may also be processed hair, however it is still 100% human with out fillers. “FILLERS” could be made up of animal (horse, or yak hair) and (plastic) synthetic fibers. These fillers are used to expand hair supplies and keep cost low, also to allow hair manufactures to provide the heavy demand for hair. “NON-REMY” hair is primarily scattered hair with the cuticles removed. “NON-REMY” hair might be 100% human hair also with the main distinction being the absence of cuticles, however many instances it is blended with non-human hair fillers as well. hair styling curly hair Scattered hair is hair that was collected with cuticles going in numerous directions, cuticles are removed to stop tangling and matting. Shoppers must also remember that the chemical used to flatten or remove cuticles will be damaging and shortens the lifespan of the hair.

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