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Before I Transitioned To Natural Hair

Earlier than I transitioned to pure hair, I had a set of expectations about I’d have the ability to do with my hair. I believed that once I stopped relaxing, it would take less work to take care of my hair hygiene. Nonetheless, I used to be in for a rude awakening. There are some elements of pure hair hygiene that point and expertise have taught me, which merely don’t align with what I anticipated.

1. Washing Frequency
When I was a bit of woman, I felt that my mom washed my hair as a matter of responsibility, rather than necessity. Whilst I approached center faculty and was extra concerned in the each day styling of my hair, I by no means experienced construct up, dandruff or other indications that my hair needed to be shampooed more than as soon as a month. That every one changed when my hair was relaxed. I needed weekly washes and even earlier than then my scalp turned oily and my hair grew to become limp. Eight years later when i did the big chop I anticipated my hair to return to the low upkeep, wholesome scalp I enjoyed as a preteen. Boy, was I fallacious! While relaxers can injury your scalp (does the time period “wait the burn out” remind you of anything ), it doesn’t imply that your scalp utterly modifications once you put on your hair naturally. Moreover, if you happen to had been like me and had your hair relaxed throughout puberty you might have experienced hormonal changes that altered your physique chemistry. Just because the pores and skin in your face might change during that point in your life, so would possibly your scalp. It is also essential to note that if your friends with thick, coarse hair can go 2 weeks without washing, your nice hair won’t do effectively with an analogous regimen.

2. Traditional Shampoos
The problem of shampoo is a pretty scorching topic within the pure hair group. The impact of drying shampoos that strip the hair of its natural oils has been mentioned in countless amounts of natural hair literature. The consensus has largely leaned in the direction of the harmful results of conventional sulfate based cleansers on the hair. While I still agree that sulfate-based mostly shampoos are unhealthy, one doesn’t have to use shampoos with all or mostly natural ingredients in an effort to have clear, wholesome hair. As you realize, the hair market has changed, making it such that each one girls, whether pure, relaxed, straight or curly now have a variety of choices for gentle hair cleansing options . Personally, I get pleasure from Shea Moisture and Giovanni Direct, products which might be reasonably priced and gentle on the scalp and hair.

3. Natural Hair is Extra Prone to be Dirty
20pcs 50g Straight Tape In Hair Extensions #27 Strawberry BlondeI’m going to go ahead and assume that at least 80% of the readers of this blog don’t consider this foolish myth. Sadly, you may have encountered it, particularly in case you are newly natural. Whereas the truth that natural hair isn’t inherently soiled isn’t earth shattering news, the truth that some nonetheless believe hair rose tutorial this is quite hair rose tutorial astonishing. So, to these of you who’ve heard this please don’t take it personally. It says extra in regards to the ignorance of the particular person saying it, than it does about you. I’ve heard this myth directed notably towards girls who put on their pure hair in locs and typically, sadly, this inaccurate perception came from loose hair naturals! The kind of hair a person has doesn’t make it kind of hygienic. How you care for your hair based mostly in your wants, NOT someone else’s standards influences its health. If you hear otherwise, then maybe you’re being told a delusion.

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