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Prime 25 Hottest Korean Hairstyles For Males

Many women are fascinated with the appearance of lots of today’s more well-liked Korean pop and television stars. Knowing this, many men try to emulate their hairstyles in hope that they will be more attractive to the ladies. Due to this fact, we’re going to try the most popular types for Korean male hair.

Kim Hyun Joong layered hairstyle.
One widespread fashion is to depart the back of the hair longer and layered. The sides are cut in such a way that they arrive to a point where the sideburns can be seen on a Caucasian. The fringe is flipped to the facet above the eye. A slight perm may help produce some waves at the ends of the hair. Otherwise, a small quantity of pomade is applied to the fingers and run by way of the hair to help it stand out from the head somewhat bit, giving the hair a barely messy appearance that has turn out to be in style around the world.

Younger males are adopting a hair loss solutions women method the place the hair is minimize shorter on sides and back, however left heavier and fuller on top. They’re having a mild perm utilized to provide waves in the hair. The fringe is trimmed so that it hangs straight across the forehead.

Kim Junsu fringe hairstyle.
In a similar style, many younger men are having their fringe trimmed thinner and layered. The ends are razor cut for texture and to supply a contact of unevenness. Each of those kinds could be achieved with pomade to provide hold if one doesn’t wish to have a perm put into the hair.

Kim Bum straight hairstyle.
Those that work in creative fields reminiscent of photography, inside design, and such are going with a barely “geeky” look. Right here, the hair is cut short and thick with virtually no layering. The trick lies in how it is styled. The hair is combed or brushed to the side with the fringe coming down almost to the eyes. A touch of pomade is required to offer some texture and hold in order to keep this trendy. In any other case, it is very straight and makes the wearer look like a nerd.

Lee Min Ho ‘Gu Jun Pyo’ perm hairstyle
100% Brazilian Human Hair Weave Hair Extensions Straight Weft  #613 Light Blonde Color 18" Inch 100 GramWhile perms are not likely popular in Korean male hair, the above model might be modified with a gentle perm to make styling and upkeep easier. The perm produces waves within the hair that may be directed to lay in random patterns and held in place with pomade or hair spray. This is a very low maintenance styling choice.

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