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Forty And One Braid Hairstyles

Have you ever ever worn a braid, a simple single braid hanging down your back I did, so much..until I turned 16. I feel I had the longest hair in our small city – it virtually reached my knees. And of course, the only approach to wear such long hair is in a braid. Or in two. Sometimes I wore them wrapped around my head or mounted in buns. Anyway, I obtained actually drained and uninterested in all that and needed one thing extra fashionable and modern on my head. So I cut my hair off and since then I have worn braids very rarely.

Here I am, aged 15. Wanting such a toddler..

Just lately braids have change into quite a fashionable hairstyle. And oh my! what a variety of types there are to put on braids now: braid-decorated ponytail; fishbone braid; y-braid; unfastened braid; lace braid; bun+rope braid..The Wiki Solutions states there are forty totally different styles!

Yet, I know one more approach that’s not on their list and that would be the quantity 41. The Tibetan nomad women braid their hair into 108 plaits (to replicate the 108 blessings of Buddha). Nothing new about this, you’ll say, many women braid their hair if not exactly into 108 but into numerous thin plaits. However, Tibetan ladies lengthen their plaits by adding strands of black yak wool and then sew them on to a broad band that is decorated with turquoises, coral, amber, silver or gold nuggets – a few of them as massive hair for cancer patients as walnuts.

picture courtesy Ruary James Allan
photographs from right here

Appears to be like attention-grabbing but I ponder about consolation-capacity of this hairstyle. Anyway, if one desires to be beautiful one is ready to sacrifice some comfort.

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