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Wig Styling, Chopping, Fitting And Caring Services In Portsmouth, Hampshire

Now we have 25 years of expertise in styling and reducing wigs!
To E book an appointment or for basic enquiries about our Wig Styling and Chopping Companies please call 023 9266 2156 or email – [email protected]

We have now a non-public FITTING ROOM available in our present studio at; 179 LONDON Street, NORTH Finish, PORTSMOUTH, PO2 9AE.

We are closed on Wednesdays
– Most wigs want personalising to swimsuit the person-you
– Wigs could be THINNED-shortened-LAYERED-TEXTURED
– On purchasing or receiving an acrylic fibre wig on the NHS from us we Minimize IT Totally free!!

When your wig arrives it will be slightly compressed from the journey and can have to be awakened!
How to put on your wig;

1 Hold the wig in entrance of you with the fringe/front going through your stomach. Put your thumbs both facet of the label which is the again of the wig, or on the Velcro’s tabs.

2 Slip the wig on, almost aiming for your eyebrows! This can assist it get a grip in your forehead, lift the wig over the again of your head, however leaving your ears on the surface!

3 Gently wiggle/push wig to your hairline (that is approx four fingers width from the brow bone).
Four Verify the ear tabs are degree and are bowed inwards so they curve together with your face.

5 If required hold a few hairs within the fringe area and gently arrange the type as required.
Slicing wigs;

Wigs and pieces often require some personalising, to go well with the person.
Generally all it would require is a slight fringe trim, however we can also taper, skinny, shorten or texture a mode if required.

Now we have over 25 years expertise of chopping wigs.
Natalie has attended the Trevor Sorbie impressed My New Hair course, a nurse lead coaching seminar in wigs and emotional effects of Chemotherapy.

Reducing & Styling of wigs. Most wigs will must be cut into shape to swimsuit you, not all wigs need a complete restyle, by taking you straight to the closest fashion, you’ll be simply trimmed into form.

Brushing out your Wig
Gently brush through to fluff-up the fibres into the specified shape.

Using a wig brush, and styling products especially for fibre wigs.
Common hair products can be too sticky and won’t brush out.

Styling your Wig
Styling your wig – use a large toothed brush, splendid on your handbag.

Give your wig motion & texture with the fiber hairspray, don`t brush the wig too straight!
Don’t feel the brush on your scalp, gently brush by the fibers as not to tug the wig off or to unknot the hairs from the cap.

Keep away from harsh edges and straight lines as this can make the wig look too set.
We will typically re-curl or help relax a mode too.

We will present you how one can wear an up model, or how to vary the look from day wear to night wear.
Obtain this look utilizing fiber Gel spray and fingers.

Use your fingers to interrupt up the set fashion for naturalness.
Try not to let the fiber dangle too perfectly.

Avoid the curtain look!
Soften the forehead with a fringe.

Add some root elevate.
Fiber Gel spray will give it a textured look.

After look.
Earlier than look!

Washing your Wig
You’ll wash the wig if worn day by day about every 7 – 10 wears, wash more incessantly in the event you perspire closely or wear basis make up.

You possibly can use our Wig Liners. These provide consolation and assist remove sweat and perspiration, by absorbing it into the liner instead of the wig.

Keep the fibre wig away from direct heat, such as oven heat , hair dryers or straighteners on you fibre wig, as it can melt! Be cautious when smoking, this could singe the fringe!

Sunshine is okay, but as with any material fibre, it will trigger premature fading of the colour.
Human Hair shampoo and styling merchandise usually are not really helpful for fibre wigs. Using the incorrect products will destroy the life of the wig.

For example, using human hairspray on the wig will make it sticky and brittle, it will not brush out!

Please spend money on the suitable merchandise to assist maintain the life and lustre of your wig.
By no means attempt to colour/bleach/perm your fiber wig. It’s going to trigger irreparable damage.

Washing a synthetic fibre wig.
Brush out any tangles before washing. Use cool water, immerse the wig utterly.

Add a cap full of fibre shampoo to the water & agitate.
You might have to scrub the wig a few times to remove make up and scalp oils.

Go away to soak for a couple of minutes in the soapy water.
Rinsing out your Wig removing all the shampoo in chilly water

Conditioning Your Wig
Conditioning your wig for long lasting seems and lengthy life.

Fill the bowl with a bit cold water.
Add a bit of Fibre conditioner to the final rinse; gently shake the excess water from the wig.

Do not brush at this stage, place on the wig body and allow to dry naturally. Heat will trigger the fibres to melt.

Drying will normally take 10-12 hours. A second wig might be required if the wig is worn every day. Or for those who needed one in an emergency or a brand new one would look not too long ago styled and have an older one as your everyday informal look.

Blot the wig in a towel to take off the excess water.
Do not RUB! Do not brush the wig when wet.

Place on a wig frame/stand to assist drying the wig and to help freshen it up whilst not carrying it. A polystyrene head will slow the hair extensions now drying process as you are not permitting the air to circulate by the wig. Do not enable it to dry flat on a surface.

No setting or styling is required. The model will reform once dry to no matter it regarded like earlier than washing.

Restoring shine and sparkle / DETANGLING long fibre
As soon as the wig is completely DRY you’ll be able to brush the wig via gently.

On lengthy fibre it tends to turn out to be matted with age/friction frizz from garments.
Earlier than attempting to detangle, we suggest utilizing the fibre oil to lubricate the fibre, after which gently untangle.

PLEASE Be aware
Wigs product of artificial fibres might effectively experience fibre friction; the extent of this depends on the length of the wig and the environment in which the wig is subjected to.

FIBRE FRICTION Will not be A FAULT but a natural occurrence in synthetic wig products and will improve with put on.

Natural head motion allows the fibres to rub together or rub against different materials being worn, this creates a static cost in the fibre which causes the ends to frizz and in some cases to tangle.

The longer the hair – the more prevalent the problem.
Fibre friction is usually confined to the underside of the wig and at the ends of the fibre and could begin from the first day of wear.

Ways of lowering fibre friction.
1. Ensure no synthetic garments are in contact with the wig when being worn.

2. Use conditioning sprays often in the areas most vulnerable to fibre friction (beneath the back in addition to within the neckline).

3. Always allow synthetic wigs to dry naturally and use a conditioner previous to brushing.
This word is for our guidance only.

An aged wig lacks shine. By applying the Fibre oil spray all over it helps restore this look.
We stock a variety of merchandise to care for your wig.

Human hair questions and solutions.
How should the hair quality be maintained

The hair should at all times be cleaned below operating water and never placed in a water bath.
It can be cared for with quality products for damaged/permed chemically treated hair merchandise. It ought to be washed based on the frequency by which it is worn. This may be based on the care of the purchasers own hair. Human hair wigs haven’t any pure oils in them, so go away in conditioners are a must, to assist maintain the elasticity of the hair.

At which temperature should the hair be blow-dried, straightened, and many others
This once more could be based on the purchasers own hair. The temperature needs to be stored as little as possible with a view to not strain the hair unnecessarily.

Can the human hair be colored/ bleached
Our collections provide a wide range of colours. Should none of these be suitable you can in fact dye the wig, or highlight in the desired colour. Please remember any chemical process will weaken the already colored hair. We recommend you take a test snipping to first see the end end result and the quality of the hair texture after the colouring course of to minimalize any errors!

Please be aware that the dye can have an effect on the color of the base.
How to cut the Hair Properly

If you’re in the position that you’ve to cut the wig there is no limit. We suggest you use a
skilled to cut the hair. Be careful not to damage the base when cutting with scissors.

Can the hair be back-combed
We don’t recommend to back-combing as it may well permanently injury the hair construction.

Is it attainable to perm a human hair wig
In order for the hair to fall naturally lovely, our human hair wigs have been given a pure wave. For this reason, we strongly advise not to use a perm. If in case you have the necessary experience to do so you should utilize a tender perm, which is not going to harm the wig, this can be done utilizing curlers.

How long does a human hair wig last
To avoid friction we recommend not wearing a wig in bed.

How lengthy a human hair wig lasts will depend on varied components: how often it is worn, environment, work, environment and common dealing crucial for the longevity of a human hair wig.

It’s the situation of the base, which doesn’t differ very a lot if you happen to evaluate it to a high class synthetic hair wig. Some clients may be heavier handed with their wigs than others. All of these items can affect how lengthy the wig will last. Care for your wig as you would your individual hair. Use merchandise to prolong the life of your wig remembering that a human hair wig will not grow so the hair on them needs nourishing often to keep them in tip top situation. Use wax and serum, go away in conditioners to lubricate the hair and clean the cuticle.

Do you may have to guard a human hair wig from the solar or the rain

#1B/Blue Ombre Hair Closure 1pcs With Brazilian Hair Weave 3pcs Body Wavy

A human hair wig is just as delicate to sunlight like your individual hair. The customer needs to be advised that sunlight stresses the hair and a pure regeneration of the scalp does not occur with a wig. Simply as your individual hair would react to humidity and rain, it reverts to its pure state.

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