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The Follies That include Spring

With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino, bounce with all its fads, fancies and accepted nuttiness arrives, and of accepted absurdity there is no such thing as a end.

All around the world, for example, the new novel is al of a sudden Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, which JAMES F. COYNE comes encased in pink artificial with a red-ribbon marker. At Berke ley, it’s advised like an amulet by the Black Muslims; at Columbia, it is outselling aggregate aback Henry Miller; and Bren-tano’s on the Pentagon has already unloaded 1,000 copies at $1 each. Just a few of the consumers could also be 18-carat sinologists, however for the all-inclusive majority it is the new affected traditional.

Harvard acceptance at the moment are exhorting one addition with such Maoisms as “What we cost is an agog but calm accompaniment of apperception and acute however alike work,” in Great Britain, bold teenagers settle for taken to Maothing retorts to brokers who admonishment them, and Carnaby Road viewers settle for amorphous reducing $22.40 Pink Guard uniforms; in Manhattan, Mao sayings are briefly as accepted as outdated Confucius-say. But their canicule as a cocktail-social gathering bead are numbered. For as London’s Solar Columnist Henry Fielding noted: “Of their cunning way, the Chinese language are actually software it as an alternative of their baptize torture; they are simply arid humans to dying.”

With youth, the “antique look” this bounce is in. Acceptance in Paris and London accept been burglary secondhand meals for previous uniforms relationship aback to the Crimean and FrancoPrussian wars. But within the U.S. uniforms are about out in favor of the Frank Nitti bandit look, together with method tree-studded ties and double-breasted pinstripe jackets. At Dartmouth, the correct “drinking uni” (for uniform) in the intervening time is the “blow-lunch look” (so referred to as, one apprentice explains, because “when you attending at a kind of ties you want to draft your lunch”) topped off with a Crimson Baron Flying Ace helmet, full with ear flaps and armament holes. At Harvard, the remark passes the chat about aural hours every time Secondhand Deal er Max hair color for warm tone Keezer or “Morgie’s” (Goodwill Trade’s Morgan Memorial) will get in any previous taxi-driver hats or brownand-white shoes, and a few Harvards are even alpha to allocution antique: “These teeny-boppers are a warning.” Accepting the Message. Ladies, afterwards years of touring hatless, are now accoutrement up once more. In the mean time, the faddy for hats is lively arch in Paris, area the noctambules look up at La Coupole in Montparnasse cutting billowing Garbo-fashion fedoras, gaucho hats with button straps, and awkward newsboy caps. One acumen that hats are aback on top is that there’s al of a sudden abundant beneath hair beneath. Abbreviate hair cuts, a part of them what Parisians alarm le Farrow and that i’Artichaut, are changing the busy bouffant hairdos that fabricated hats tougher to put on. Paris’ Alexandre has already bald Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Sirikit of Thailand, Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine. And whereas Elsa Martinelli, Sophia Loren and Jean Shrimpton accept thus far resisted the shears, they are all tucking their hair beneath abbreviate wigs to accomplish a agnate effect. Manhattan’s Kenneth, who acquired acclaim because the artist of Jackie Kennedy’s bouffant extravaganzas, has switched to the abbreviate crop. Explains Kenneth: “Brief skirts cost a small, abutting head, and my viewers are accepting the message.”

Short skirts aswell beggarly new lengths in stockings. Courreges recommends tennis socks that acceleration to midcalf; Ungaro pulls his stockings two inches aloft the knee. And for Approach Seashore, the Duchess of Windsor is packing forth a brace of Givenchy’s chicken knee socks to go together with her Dior cullotte. What anytime the size, vivid, solid colours are in and activated dimensional arrangement is out; the pattern, if any, is now getting affiliate appropriate into the fabric.

In all places, advancing fads are acrimonious up momentum. A part of the campus set, financial institution posters depicting its heroes and anti-heroes are bigger than ever. “When wa-,j#^ ‘” ” ter is boiling, it’s more durable to acquaint if it will get hotter, but the fad hasn’t accomplished its peak,” says Martin Geisler, buyer of Manhattan’s Per PROTEST BUTTON sonality Posters. Appropriate now the Monkees are the a variety of accepted of his 70 posters; added favorites, anniversary for $1, cowl Chairman Mao, Dracula, the Hell’s Angels, Shirley Temple, Humphrey Bogart, Allen Ginsberg in his Uncle Sam suit, and Peter Fonda on a motorcycle. Aswell prized: the offbeat “You don’t Accept to Be Jewish to Love Levy’s” alms affiche ads for rye bread.

With posters go beef buttons, and they are bustling up dirtier than ever-at atomic in the eyes of the Manhattan commune legal professional’s workplace, which is now prosecuting a Greenwich Village banker for affairs “obscene” buttons. The offenders ranged from “Pornography Is Fun” to chicanery unprintable. However for Civil Liberties Un ion Lawyer Robert Polstein, banning buttons is akin of expression. “What adolescent people see clean,” he argues, “older our bodies see dirty.”

Rhino Desk, Ostrich Bar. With fads axis on and crumbling out with the addled consciousness-expanding acceleration of a discotheque accelerate projector, the old, airish Bachrach flat try could also be acceptable passe. A Columbia College aesthetics main, hair color for warm tone 24-yr-old Julie Motz, has set herself up in business authoritative 20-minute-long, 16-mm. BioPix. For $500, she is going to chase her accountable (a Texas brewery president, say, or a new Jersey American Legionnaire), reducing candidly and in blush from aurora to dusk. So far she has been banned alone from Manhattan’s “21” Club (“It agitated the added customers”), needed to bastard in pictures at the Discussion board of the Twelve Caesars afterwards hours.

And what makes absolutely the ambience to appearance an burning blur biography Applicable now in Chicago, it’s the beastly furnishings-sculpture of French Designer Francois-Xavier Lalanne. Delighting the throngs at the Art Institute are his furnishings, including a military of 22 woolly-coated, roller-footed sheep that serve as seats, sofas or hassocks; a awe-inspiring housefly three anxiety continued that sports a rosewood bathroom seat; and a life-measurement assumption rhinoceros perception 735 Ibs. whose ancillary swings down to accomplish a desk.

#1B/613 Ombre Hair Closure 1pcs With Brazilian Hair Weave 3pcs Body WavyLalanne’s prices are appropriately unbelievable: $10,000 for the sheep or the housefly, $25,000 for the rhino. A part of the blessed few who settle for called to permit them: Designer Yves St. Laurent, who bought a rhino, and French Premier Georges Pompidou, who purchased a brace of ceramics ostriches whose beaks authority a metallic lath confined as a bar. And why does Lalanne absorb his time creating such absurd fancies

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