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Rising Black Hair To Nice Lengths: Hair Replace

Prior to now few months, my hair has suffered and that i mean SUFFERED. First was harmattan in Lagos. This years harmattan was brutal for me. My skin was consistently dry, I was moisturizing every hour on the hour and by the highest of the hour, my skin was dry again. My hair was hair by bree dry too.. effectively, not less than, I think about so, but that is one of the potential perils of protecting/low manipulation styling. Your hair is hidden, no body sees it and you may kind of get away with neglecting it.. and neglect I did. Then I came to Ottawa (Canada) to visit. Why I felt the need to put on my hair out in the dead of winter is past me however I took out my cornrows, my hair was breaking from being neglected, I washed and deep conditioned it, a couple of days later, I touched up my roots. Who does that My scalp burned, my hair broke. I spent the whole day and night detangling my hair. My guess is that I will have to chop off a good 4 or 5 inches. Sigh. I don’t know for certain yet but right now, I am just focusing on giving my hair as much TLC as I possibly can. Here is what I have been doing:

– Co washing every other day with VO5
I love that it doesn’t have any silicones especially because I’ve been co washing solely and don’t plan to shampoo wash for some time. (silicones typically must be shampooed out or they would cause build up)

– Applying olive oil after co washing
– Braiding in pigtails and tucking away under a lace wig, secure and away from the elements

Braid whereas wet to scale back quantity
Tuck below wig cap

Wear Lace wig

This is my plan till I get back to Nigeria. Form of unlucky as a result of there are so many products that are currently not accessible in Lagos that I wanted to try out while I am here. However right now, I want to simply treat my hair with staple products that I do know she loves and depart her alone to get better as much as attainable.. And yes, I just referred to my hair in the third person. Don’t you

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