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Remaining Frontier Of Frugality: My guys with hair extensions Husband Gave Me A Haircut

Frugalwoods gave me a haircut last week and, as I shared on Twitter: 1) we’re nonetheless married and 2) it appears to be like extensions actually good! I’ll admit, we had been both a bit nervous and there were a number of tense phrases, but it surely labored out simply dandy. In different information, I’ll be nominating him for husband of the 12 months (is that a real award it needs to be) shortly.

The starting point for my hair: wet, tangled, & naturally wavy
Malaysian Deep Curly Virgin Remy Hair Extensions 12 Inch To 32 Inch Natural Black 100gThere are a number of guides on the market on how to cut your hair your self and big props to anyone who accomplishes that feat (Easy Cheap Mom has this wonderful guide for DIY haircuts). I considered chopping mine solo, but since Mr. FW was recreation to assist me (partly because I’ve been reducing his hair for years), we decided to try it out.

Therefore, these steps are written with two parties in thoughts, however, I feel you can simply as simply pull the hair ahead and minimize it yourself. The catch it that it wouldn’t be as accurate since having a friend do it means they’ll be pulling your hair straight back from your head, which yields the straightest reduce.

Earlier than we proceed, let me clarify: This is not the recipe for a perfect haircut. In case you require an ideal haircut, you’ll need to go to a salon and shell out $100+. But if, like me, you’d fairly save that $one hundred for, oh I don’t know, retiring early and pursuing your passions, then I encourage you to offer this a whirl. Hair will grow again; your cash won’t.

Mr. FW has too much less hair for me to cut
That being said, I have an expert job at which I must look presentable and, let me inform you, this haircut is absolutely adequate. Would a stylist do a better job Heck yes, but, since we want to insource every part we probably can (and therefore save 71% of our incomes every year), this haircut is positively ideally suited for our frugal weirdo philosophy.

Another factor in my decision to cut my hair at dwelling is my journey to simplify my life and put less of an emphasis on my appearance. I realized with my clothes shopping ban that I used to be spending means an excessive amount of time focused on what I put on and how I look. Along with this being a colossal waste of time, I wasn’t comfy with the vanity it implied.

De-emphasizing my appearance has been helpful for me in many ways, together with that: I get prepared sooner, I spend less money on clothes and products, and i feel generally healthier due to my lack of standard make-up, nail polish, perfume, and so on. All in all, its been quite liberating. It’s still a work in progress, however, I wish to suppose that my house haircut is one other step in the suitable course.

Basic Ideas:
Can I cuts your hairs, pleeez

– Be certain that the haircutter and haircuttee are both sober.
– Don’t enable a greyhound to chop you hair, regardless of how cute they look.
– Don’t anticipate perfection and don’t stress out.
– If things go really awry, please take the advice of Frugalwoods reader Tarynkay who, after very kindly giving me detailed advice on how to chop my very own hair, listed the ultimate step within the hair-slicing course of as “If you hate it [the home haircut], drink a glass of wine and browse one thing inspiring about feminism. Do not forget that it’s winter so you possibly can put on a number of hats for awhile.” Sage knowledge, my pals.

The Type:
– The haircut we achieved might finest be described as delicate, long layers with angles in direction of the chin. All credit for the angles goes to Mr. FW who figured out the right way to do these mid-haircut (full disclosure: one side came out a bit better than the opposite side).
– I didn’t need the blunt, straight-throughout look of a typical cut, so this yields a feathery, softer look. My hair is very thick, so a softer lower falls better.

Cost: $0

1. Scissors (we used the pair that came with Mr. FW’s Wahl clippers kit)
2. Handheld mirror
3. Comb
4. Clips

How To cut Long Hair At House
Step 1: Wash hair.

The professionals lower hair wet, so we determined we’d too. Since my hair is extremely-thick and lengthy, it’s too much easier to handle when wet. It’s vastly less complicated to line hair up and discover all of the break up ends when it’s wet. The caution right here is that hair shrinks up when it dries, so be wary of taking off too much length when it’s wet.

A lot easier to line up wet hair
Step 2: Half hair as you normally do.

This ensures that you’re chopping your hair as it usually falls. In the event you brush it all back to cut it, you’ll lose the pure lay of your hair. So, greatest to part it up. This is especially essential if you’re going to angle it in direction of your face as we did.

Fastidiously parted and combed
Step 3: Divide hair into four sections and safe with clips.

– Sections 1 and 2: I first sectioned off the hair in entrance of my ears-aka the hair that I wanted angled up in the direction of my chin (these form of appear like Princess Leia buns)

Sections 1 & 2 clipped on the aspect of my head
– Part 3: Subsequent I took the middle hunk of hair, parting it horizontally beneath the ears.

Part 3: horizontal half below the ears
– Section 4: The ultimate part is the very bottom of your head-the hair should just cling straight down.

Part 4 hangs down at the bottom a part of the pinnacle
Step 4: Select a small piece of part 4.

Take the leftmost (or rightmost) small section of hair from part four and have your home hairdresser comb it straight back from your head. To make clear, we’re beginning with the hair at the again, lowest part of the top.

Mr. FW took this small part straight again from the top
Step 5: Decide how much length to take off.

Since I didn’t need to lose a lot of size and was mostly hoping to get rid of break up ends, Mr. FW made the reduce in step with the shortest piece of hair. To do that, run your first two fingers by way of the hair until you reach the shortest strands. You could reduce any size desired with this technique.

Mr. FW ran the hair between his fingers till he reached the tip of the shortest strands
Step 6: Cut hair upwards in a half-moon shape.

Since I didn’t want a blunt, straight-throughout minimize, I had Mr. FW minimize upwards in a semi-circle. This ensured a clean minimize, but doesn’t give that overly blunt look to it.

Lower upwards in a half-moon
Step 7: Reduce in small triangles.

On the piece you simply cut upwards, now take the scissors and minimize in tiny triangles. This additional provides to the smooth, feathery look of the reduce.

Mr. FW cuts in tiny triangles
Step 8: Repeat for the rest of part 4.

Take one other small piece of section four and repeat the method until you’ve minimize all of the hair in part 4.

Tip: Put the hair that has already been lower in entrance in your shoulders so that you don’t neglect!
Mr. FW combing my hair straight again to chop

Step 9: Clip up part 4.
We’re now all performed with part 4, so clip it back up to maintain it out of the way in which.

Step 10: Unclip part 3 and divide into two pieces.
I had a whole lot of hair in part 3, so I held half of it while Mr. FW reduce the opposite half.

Part 4 is completed and clipped up. I’m holding half of section 3 so Mr. FW can minimize the opposite half.
Step 11: Comply with the identical steps for chopping the hair.

Use the same strategy of combing small segments of hair straight back and then reducing upwards in a semi-circle adopted by reducing in tiny triangles.

Step 12: Clip up section 3.
We’re now all executed with section 3, so clip it again up to keep it out of the best way.

Step 13: Unclip section 2.
This part is on the entrance facet of the pinnacle and is the hair that’s in entrance of the ears. To angle it in direction of the chin as we did, cut from the underside towards the chin in a diagonal line. We made the mistake of going the opposite course first, and uh, it didn’t end up quite as well… nonetheless totally advantageous though.

At this stage, it’s crucial that you’ve parted your hair on the side that you simply normally do, as a result of the angle on that facet will probably be a bit shorter so as to border your face. Since I part my hair on the fitting, the angle on the left curls slightly below my chin.

Mr. FW first combed the hair downwards and then used his fingers as a guide to cut up towards my chin. This was one spot where it can be almost not possible to attain accuracy if the hair was dry.

I’m exhibiting Mr. FW the angle I would like towards my chin
Step 14: Unclip section 1.

That is the other section at the entrance of the pinnacle with hair in entrance of the ears. We followed the identical angling approach for this side: cut from the underside guys with hair extensions towards the chin in a diagonal line.

Mr. FW’s accomplished angled handiwork on the proper side (the left mirrors it)
Step 15: Measure length of your longest front layers.

Pull downwards in your longest front layers and check that the size is even. Make changes as wanted.

Unscientifically measuring the length of both sides
Step 16: Blow dry hair.

I blow dried my hair (not something I usually do) so that we may verify the length. Mr. FW found a number of stray hairs after it was dry, which he easily snipped off.

The completed product. You can see the layers as I’ve brushed it all back here.
Step 17: Luxuriate in your superior, free hair!

Finished angle on the left facet
The shortest angle is on the left aspect, because of the truth that I part my hair on the precise

Parting Thoughts
Having Mr. FW minimize my hair at home represents considered one of our closing frugal frontiers. Heretofore, I’d paid handsomely to have it cut at a salon, which had been my one magnificence indulgence (I’ve at all times achieved all the things else myself-eyebrows, nails, and many others).

The last time I had it minimize was over a year in the past and even though we can afford it, I didn’t want to waste my cash on it this 12 months. Fairly merely, I’d somewhat save that $a hundred and twenty and reap the advantages of compound curiosity over time. Compound curiosity, by the best way, is a magical unicorn of awesomeness, in case you hadn’t heard. As for me and my hair, we’re going with the magical unicorn.

Have you ever lower your personal hair Are you motivated to attempt it now What’s the worst that may occur, proper 😉 !

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