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New Captain America: Civil Battle Trailer Is An excellent Bowl Of Its Own

The brand new Captain America: Civil Struggle trailer appearing throughout the Tremendous Bowl is a short, 45 second teaser, but it is filled with sufficient juicy Marvel goodness to be picked apart.

Most eye grabbing is a gadget strapped onto Tony Stark which blocks a bullet coming from Bucky Barnes gun.

The next Marvel movie is ready to be exactly what its title promises, an all-out superhero civil warfare. And, with this trailer, the two sides are officially solidified.

The trailer ends with a shot of every superhero faction: one led by Cap, the opposite by Iron Man.
On the facet of Captain America, we see Falcon, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and the Winter Soldier himself.

With Iron Man, we get War Machine (who we also see injured earlier within Cheap 100% green lantern t shirt target white Cotton Design Cartoon Stormtrooper Children’s T-shirt the trailer. green lantern t shirt target white Or maybe useless ), Black Widow, Imaginative and prescient, and Black Panther.

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