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They Wished More Robin Within the Collection

Dinah Lance made her animated debut in Justice League: Unlimited, however she virtually turned a part of the DC animated universe effectively earlier than that—she was slated for an episode of the fabled grant gustin flash t shirt Batman: The Darth_Vader Animated Series. But it was to not be, due to mandates that the show needed fewer canaries, and extra… properly, Robins.

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The tidbit was revealed by BTAS author Paul Dini during an interview with Comedian E-book Sources about his new Kickstarter-funded graphic novel Boo & Hiss. Apparently, the second season of the present would’ve seen Dinah make her debut in an episode centered on her and Catwoman, but according to Dini, it was reduce thanks to a Fox mandate that the show spend much less time specializing in side characters and more time on the Boy Wonder’s adventures with Batman:

Yeah, the Black Canary/Catwoman episode was a casualty. Men’s Desgin Teen titans logo Short Sleeve Tee Shirt They wanted extra Robin in the sequence, and each time we needed to drop him from a story, we needed to combat for it. Not that we had anything in opposition to Robin, we just wanted to stretch at times and do solo Batman stories or episodes that centered primarily on Gordon or the villains. After the experimentation of the first season, the network felt we might be leaving the boys behind, so we acquired the edict, add more Robin.

Dini additionally mentions an almost-episode that would’ve revolved around Swamp Factor and Poison Ivy, but while that was scrapped too, concepts for it ultimately grant gustin flash t shirt made there method into Dini’s current DC challenge, Justice League Motion. Alas, plans for a Canary/Catwoman teamup never materialized elsewhere, however no grant gustin flash t shirt less than Dinah finally bought her animated dues in Justice League Unlimited.