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Curly And Wavy Hair Within the Winter (Open Thread!)

Ok, guys — I do know this is a typical dialogue within the comments, and, I assumed I’d finally throw an open thread up here. My own hair has been getting wavier and wavier as I get older (yay, age!) and it gold in hair seems like there are totally different routines for fall/winter versus spring/summer. (Pictured: Wet Curls, originally uploaded to Flickr by YaelBeeri.)

How do you deal together with your curly or wavy hair in the winter What are your favorite diffusers What hair products do you pull out if you do your seasonal swaps I’m nonetheless making an attempt to determine this out myself, so I’m curious to hear what the readers say. (And a caveat — as anybody who’s spend any time on the superb site and forum, everyone has their own approach, and it could be a technique of discovery to determine what works greatest for you.)

For gold in hair my own $.02… my hair has always had a slight kink in it within the very again of my head — and as I get older, I’d say that it’s now about 60% wavy/curly (once more, only within the again of my head) and about 40% straight. If my hair is longer, prefer it is right now (about 2″ above the highest of my bra strap) the hair itself is so heavy that I can get it fairly straight with a fast 15-minutes with my hairdryer, diffuser, and (when it’s 95% dry) a while with the roundbrush. It’s nonetheless a bit poufy and, within the very again, kinky, but for a day-to-day look it’s more than fantastic. In additional humid weather I used to be liking the Avon Anti-Frizz stuff; now I simply try to make certain to use a gel or whatnot to guard it from the blowdryer’s heat. My very own blow dryer is a reasonably cheap one, bought just a few years ago at Mattress Bath & Past for about $30 — but I’d be willing to spend more if anybody has any strategies. I’ll additionally typically use a flat-iron, which I feel was about $120, additionally at Mattress Bath & Past.

me, final November

Last fall/winter, though, my hair was so brief I could barely put it again into a ponytail — in July I donated 9″ and did the publish-wedding chop. Makes an attempt to blow-dry it straight have been largely unsuccessful — it appeared like I used to be simply strolling round with my head wanting like a triangle, if that makes sense. However, my hair was quick enough that I’d let it airdry most days into curls/waves. In terms of merchandise and instruments, when i let it go wavy/curly I exploit the little clips to “pick” the hair up to assist it airdry (as they taught me the one time I went for a Devachon reduce), and I’ll use a towel designed for curly women to “scrunch” my hair as the water drips to the bottom of it. When it’s practically dry I’ll throw on some gel or cream to assist the waves hold their form — my favorites are the Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream and the Devachon AnGel. (I’ve tried just a few of the “beachy” misters and hated the residue-y really feel to my hair afterwards — similar with many of the “curl revitalizer day-after sprays” that I’ve tried.

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