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Why Does My Pores and skin Begin To interrupt-out When i Grow A Beard

Why does my pores and skin begin to interrupt-out when i develop a beard

My problem is that when i grow a beard my pores and skin, particularly alongside the jawline of my beard begins to breakout. When I am clean-shaven I haven’t any problems with break-outs, however solely after i develop a beard. Its not ingrown hairs both, however its painful and after i examine it in the mirror i can see whiteheads at the bottom of the hairs. My Solution is to pluck these hairs out, nevertheless it continues. I’ve tried totally different pores and skin cleansing, cleansing, toning, exfoliating merchandise with no success. I also make a concious effort not to contact my face, sleep on my back, and many others. to keep away from aggravating it further. However its solely alongside my jawline particularly, however not my chin or wherever else. I additionally discover dry flaky pores and skin in the realm as well. I enjoy the look of the beard so is there any solution at all that I can give you

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Bhupinder Kaur, MD
Hi there,
From the signs it seems to be like pseudofolliculitis barbae. It is extra commonly present in med who shave their faces. It is due to ingrowing of the shaved hair which can present as pimples. To forestall it water soften the beard first with a scorching, wet washcloth for 5 minutes after which shave. Different treatment options embrace shaving in a unique path, tweezing, exfoliating with facial scrubs, sponges, towels or creams containing acid and ibuprofen or different NSAIDs. Topical utility of dilute glycolic acid and salicylic ready options are additionally useful. You possibly can seek the advice of a dermatologist and discuss these treatment choices with him.

It is rather tough to precisely verify a prognosis with out examination and investigations and the answer relies on the medical information supplied. For precise prognosis, you’re requested to seek the advice of your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you might be doing.

Thanks Dr. Kaur,

I’m having the very same points and can strive your urged options, ought to I must I will make an appt with a dermatologist to verify the right way to best treat my skin and what I’ve should be confirmed by examination somewhat than described to most accurately diagnose and treat it.


I have the same problem. Seems like everywhere I look nobody has an answer for those of us that want to “keep” our beard. Mine grows great in every single place besides the left facet of my face, which breaks out and even bleeds after about every week and a half of not shaving. Within 24 hours after shaving, the breakout dissappears.

Me too have the same problem, unable to find the answer

I’m In the identical boat as you men.
My pores and skin is clearer once i shave, if I leave it between 4-7 days I will always end up with a break out in some areas, normally the identical ones and they’re nearly the same location on both sides of the face; edges of the chin and beneath the cheek near the high edge of my beard line.
Its fairly a frustration, I by no means had problems in my teens or early 20s( I’m 31 now).
My doctor did attempt to diagnose what it was, in all probability one thing comparable along the lines of what Dr. Kaur said.
I went in to him clear shaven after a week of beard growth which resulted in breakouts. My skin appeared inflamed after shaving and he concluded that I’ve a reaction to shaving which causes blemishes/inflamation and so forth. and showed me the assorted biology of what was beneath my facial skin and what parts had been reacting, in his opinion, to the shaving.
He gave me a prescription for some tablets that will inhibit the response and cut back the inflammation.
Once i instructed him that my experience was that beard development was really what was inflicting the problems, he just glossed over it.
I tried the tablets however noticed no actual improvement. There was little upside to utilizing them; they’d have cost €30 a month, possibly mis-perscribed and i didn’t know any potential side effects.
I would be extra interested in finding out the reason for why my beard hair is inflicting this response, not simply utterly focusing on papering over the symptoms with medicine.
I might like to repair it at the supply, in a holistic method I suppose.
I’ve a certain amount of blemishes and redness even when I am clean shaven now, possibly because of an extended period dealing with the breakouts.
If anyone has managed to identify what is possible causing this, I’d love to listen to from you.

ive had related irritation just lately in my beard alongside jaw line and cheek bone space. its gotten lots worse now that im in my early 30s. i had had a beard for a few years with no signs of acne or irritation but then shaved it a couple of months in the past. when i began growing it back, this irritation goddess bump remi hair by sensationnel started.

i’ve began using tea tree shaving gel by paul mitchel (to prevent) and cool fix by anthony (to treat). it helps but the acne/irritation still continues as my beard grows. i’ve had a this beard for a couple of month now and am pretty certain im just gonna shave it off again.

ive heard of different guys using tea tree conditioner by paul mitchel or american crew for his or her beard, but i havent heard any feedback about that. ive also considered sure to tomatoes mask, however that just appears crazy.

I have the identical downside, however it is my beard and the hair on my head. I by no means break out on my face or neck..except I’m going per week without shaving, then I start to break out. Shaving retains my face completely, fully blemish free, I assume from the natural exfoliating effect of shaving.

Also, I am a very lately retired Marine, my scalp breaks out of I do not get it tightly clipped (I mean clipped right down to zero on the sides and in the again) every 7 days. I assume this is also as a result of the fact that skin cells shed from a buzzed scalp extra easily than a full head of hair. I’ve tried all of the shampoos, and nothing has proved to be a cure.

You men would like to maintain your beards, and that i want to grow my hair out now that I am retired. For the time being, I assume I’ll just carry on getting it clipped each week.

Does anybody know if this is just a “in between section” of hair development If I simply suck it up and keep growing it out, will my scalp calm down as soon as it gets to a sure length

I just started growing a full beard and I’m now experiencing the same problem. I was questioning if anybody tried a heat face cloth and or moisturizers each day to try to stop this downside. Its been 10 day since my final shave but I did not attempt heat and moister but, did not know if it will work.

When the hair follicles on your beard get soiled and oil they tend to curl backwards going into the skin, The painful blemish after that’s cystic acne when the hair grows back it that space is infected which brings on the cyst. I still endure from this downside occasionally because I’m allergic to alcohol more particularly to yeast. Which additionally makes you susceptible to cyst Heres there steps that labored for me.

    Clean Mouth Brush teeth 4x a day
    Chilly showers which retains the pours closed but still washes the hair

I am having the same Downside and After i Shaved It Seems like a million Times Worse. It stands out more than when it is Hidden by the Beard i am going to the Doctor Tomorrow and Hope she can Resolve the difficulty. Its Very Embarrassing.

I grow a beard every fall and shave it off in the spring.I too have the same challenge.I am 54 years previous and undergo this every time.I’ll grow the mustache and chin first six weeks, a couple of breakouts but not dangerous.Then I develop the sides,now the breakouts are bad.I can see in the mirror the hair follicles flip down into the pores and skin and irritate it,which causes the breakout and the itching.It’s a must to let it grow out.As soon as the hair grows out it lays down and the irritation goes away.Then grow it as long as you like.Now the breakouts and itching final about 3 weeks then it stops,some guys cant stand it this long,but when you may put up with it,you should have your beard.

Seborrheic Dermatitis is your downside, additionally referred to as “cradle cap” when seen in infants. I too have this condition.

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a common, inflammatory pores and skin condition that causes flaky, white to yellowish scales to kind on oily areas such because the scalp, beard space, or inside the ear. It may occur with or with out reddened pores and skin.

Right here is a much more in depth article or you possibly can google it.

I hope this helps someone who stumbles upon it even though the original question is 4 years old.

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