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Footballers As Superheroes

Ronaldinho could possibly be the Thing as the way he has allowed his profession to nosedive; he must really have bricks for brains.

Lionel Messi can be the human torch as when he is on form he actually is on fireplace whereas future movie sequels Thierry Henry would be the Invisible woman as most Barcelona followers have failed to see the form he showed at Arsenal and he now plays like a woman.

Juventus fans would tell you that they’ve their Superman in Gianluigi Buffon because he does make some superhuman saves and out of his jersey he does appear like a mild mannered geek but most opponents thankfully have not discovered kryptonite to get the higher of him regularly.

Arsenal fans would let you know that William Gallas is the unimaginable hulk and it isn’t good to make him offended and as Gael Clichy came upon, he isn’t likable when he’s offended. To be fair Jens Lehmann could be the unbelievable hulk as effectively however neither participant seems to have a Bruce Banner inside them.

Actual Madrid fans would inform you that they’ve their very own Spiderman in Iker Casillas because he will not be very tall but he will get to locations that he actually mustn’t and seems to have cobwebs the place his palms should be. They might also tell you that they have their very own model of the Invisible man as though they signed Christopher Metzelder however nobody has seen him yet.

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