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4 Important Upkeep Ideas For Natural Clip In Extensions

So let’s start!
Wash and co-wash your extensions regularly – co-washing your extensions can carry life back to dry, thirsty wanting extensions. Co-wash weekly; in between co-washes it’s always good to present the hair a shampoo to remove any dust or dirt particles, product construct up, in addition to air pollutants and smells like cigarette smoke and so on. which will have hooked up to your hair. Use a shampoo that’s sulfate free which will not strip and dry out the hair. Always shampoo in a downward stroking movement moderately than a circular one to avoid further tangling. At all times deep condition the hair thoroughly after shampooing; on full out wash days you may want to use the deep conditioning microwave method for clip-ins or sit beneath a hooded dryer if hair is sewn-in. After conditioning, utilizing a small quantity of oil (dime size or so) on the hair when wet, this will help to further seal in moisture.

Detangle the hair often – ladies don’t be lazy! Detangle, detangle, detangle!- if want be, do it nightly. Although your extension could be virgin hair, as a result of this hair has been highly processed to mimic “natural” afro and kinkier textures, it should get tangled. You’ll want to gently comb and detangle hair simply as you would your individual hair from ends to roots using a big tooth comb or a Denman type brush when wet/damp. Everyone knows that curly hair is more manageable when damp so that is one of the best time to detangle; also, gently detangling whereas damp will considerably cut back the chance of snapping coils vs. when dry. At bedtime full sew in weave with closure detangle and braid or two strand twist hair in four sections and wrap hair with a silk scarf to avoid additional tangling, if you’re wearing clip-ins, remove the clips and spritz frivolously with water and conditioner combine and detangle; within the morning you’ll be good to go. Belief me, by detangling daily/nightly you can save your self a world of bother.

Use the LOC method: liquid (or go away-in conditioner), oil and cream technique; this can be a curly hair girl’s savior for moisture. Spritz extensions every day or when wanted with a water & leave-in conditioner mix, in full sew in weave with closure addition to apply water-based hair lotions, anti-frizz creams, curly hair puddings /milks or curly hair custards to the hair, then lastly, add oils (to lock in moisture). Be generous with the moisturizers and creams, similar to your personal hair, pure hair extensions love moisture!

– Final and by all means not least, treat your extensions as in the event that they were your personal hair growing out of your head. Typically we think that because it is not really hooked up to our scalps then we are able to treat it any which method we would like and count on it to behave appropriately. I ask you, would you not shampoo, situation and moisturize your own hair for days and weeks on end …. Well, I relaxation my case.

By following these few tips you’ll significantly enhance your expertise with your pure hair extensions. Be good to your natural hair extensions and your extensions can be good to you!

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