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Why Does Edgelord 90s Aquaman = Lame But Edgelord JL Aquaman = Cool

Only thing I hated about ninety’s Aquaman was the stupid hook. I truly appreciated that redesign on the time.

Stunned some wonder why they went with that look instead of traditional Aquaman. Isin’t it obvious For the same motive as they did in the 90’s but for a special crowd. On the time, they did it because Aquaman had a nasty rep amongst comedian followers and so they redesign him to be flash t shirt cw more badass and edgy. Now, despite the fact that he’s back to his classic look, comedian e-book flash t shirt cw fans know Aquaman is not a joke anymore, due to X-Men modern runs. As for non comic book fans, Aquaman continues to be just about generally known as a personality. Most individuals know who he is, but they know him as a joke and a meme. This movie will show them he’s no joke, so they went with this look once more for extra emphasis on his badass side.

“I hear you possibly can talk to fish”

That is actually what informal audiences know Aquaman as. The guy who flash t shirt cw can talk to fish.