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The Marvel Roadmap To 2017: Part 2

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Sigh* You already know if you write a bit predicting an event, however typically you determine not to publish it. But then it seems that your prediction was appropriate and if you happen to’d had just printed your piece, you might have appeared like a person with an incredible energy of foresight!

Effectively that’s pretty much what occurred regarding the number of Marvel motion pictures per yr. In truth the 2 following paragraphs I wrote in April 2014 (However didn’t publish).
Within the previous half (which you’ll be able to learn here) I made it so far as 2020. The explanation I stopped is because I feel by 2021 (or perhaps as early as 2019) Marvel will improve their film output to three films a 12 months. Kevin Feige has mentioned a number of times in interviews that the unique plan was to eventually scale the output as much as 4 films a year.…

Although these interviews were back in 2009, I see no purpose why that plan could not still be in place. Most likely the primary movie shall be released in mid-April to early Could, the second in late-July to early August, and the third in early to mid-November.

Positive, I was off by a few years, but I still had the appropriate concept!
So I’m going to place my next prediction in the beginning of this piece. I still consider Marvel wish to end up having 4 releases a yr. Since 2013 – 2016 have 2 films released per 12 months, I imagine a roughly related time period will have three films a 12 months; 2017-2020/2021. From 2021/2022 onwards, I imagine Marvel shall be releasing 4 films a year.

Like I point out within the unpublished paragraph, I consider one film will likely be released in mid-April to early Might, one other in late-July to early August, and another in early to mid-November. The fourth (or should you choose, first) can be launched in early to mid Feb. While it’s doable firefly jayne t shirt size that the fourth movie can be launched in Dec-Jan, I don’t consider this is true so long as Star Wars holds a Christmas release date.

Now before I proceed with my predictions, I simply wish to contact upon a small mistake I made concerning the Infinity stones. I used to be underneath the impression that the Aether from Thor: The Darkish World was the ability Stone. Nevertheless, I’ve now seen Guardians of the Galaxy (Nice film by the best way!); and Feige has indicated that the stone held by Ronan The Accuser (Marvel character) is the truth is the ability Stone.
From watching what the Aether did, I discover it hard to assign one other sort of stone to it. I have to conclude that the Aether is a very new stone that isn’t part of the regular six. (Perhaps something just like the Ego Stone or Need Stone)

Now let’s recap. My 1st attempt at guessing what the upcoming motion pictures had been:
May 1 2015: The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Already was confirmed)

July 17 2015: Ant-Man (Already was confirmed)
May 6 2016: Captain America three (Already was confirmed)

July 8 2016: Doctor Unusual
May 2017: Thor three

November 2017: Captain Marvel
Might 2018: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

November 2018: Avengers three
Might 2019: Black Panther

November 2019: Captain Marvel 2 or Ant-Man 2
Might 2020: Captain America 4

November 2020: The Warriors Three
So far I’ve made 2 appropriate predictions (Effectively, one and a half). That Doctor Strange can be the second film out in 2016 and that there would be a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before Avenges 3. Nevertheless, now that I’ve really seen Guardians of the Galaxy; and with the release of more info and release dates, my predictions do need some adjustments.

Everything up to Physician Unusual in 2016 has been confirmed, so I will continue from there.
Could 5 2017 (Date confirmed): Thor 3

See half one for ideas on possible plot details
July 27 2017 (Date and movie confirmed): Guardians of the Galaxy 2

See half one for ideas on doable plot details
Nevertheless, in case you learn part one you’ll see that I originally thought this would lead instantly into Avengers three. While I’m not one hundred% on this anymore, I do consider that this film will explore Peter’s relationship together with his father, introduce the Time Stone and will in some way end with the Guardians both heading to Earth or on it. In addition, I’m very assured that Thanos shall be the main villian right here. Also, I really feel that Adam Warlock is unlikely to get a stand alone movie, so he will most likely be introduced in this film (Bet you it’s as Peter’s father!)

November three 2017 (Date Confirmed): Captain Marvel
See half one for ideas on doable plot details

Might 4th 2018 (Date unconfirmed): Avengers three
Though Marvel still hasn’t announced anything for this date, they’ve reserved the primary week of May from 2012 – 2017 & 2019. I totally count on them to do them the identical in 2018, Unless Disney decides to launch a Star Wars movie on Pantera_Negra that date. May 4th is pretty essential to the Star Wars neighborhood, and since this may occasionally 4th conveniently falls on a Friday, Disney could need to take advantage of this marketing alternative. Also see part one for thoughts on potential plot details.

July 6 2018 (Date confirmed): Black Panther
See part one for thoughts on attainable plot particulars

November 2 2018 (Date confirmed): Ant-Man 2
Without seeing the primary film, that is a little bit troublesome to predict. Nonetheless, as I mentioned underneath the Captain America three section in part one, most superhero motion pictures are inclined to comply with a sure sample. Since that is the second movie, I guess the plot would include something along the strains of Scott Lang either having the Ant-Man swimsuit stolen or possibly losing management of it.

Might three 2019 (Date confirmed): Captain America 4 or Iron Man 4
For those who read part one, you will see that I assumed this film would involve Captain America being revealled as Skrull and Bucky must hunt him down. I really feel that this wants some revaulating, since Captain America seems to have been extremely critically acclaimed based on that fact that it was so grounded in reality. (Properly, as actual as you can also make a Superhero movie!)

I nonetheless imagine that Captain America will die in Avengers three (alongside the Hulk). However contemplating there has never been a “fourth” superhero film earlier than, there are no real cliche’s that may very well be followed. However maybe this film will focus extra on Bucky and how he feels as a man out of time making an attempt to live up to the legend of his greatest buddy.

However, if the film turns out to be Iron Man four, I do suppose that Robert Downey, Jr. (actor) will return, but in a much lowered position/double staff with Rhodey as Iron Patriot.

All dates after this level are unconfirmed
July/August 2019: Nova/Nova Corps

I feel that Richard Rider shall be talked about in previous film (Like Steven Unusual was talked about in the Winter Soldier). But this may just about be an origin story. And hopefully will probably be a ton better than Green Lantern (2011 film)!

November 2019: The Warriors Three or Four
See part one for thoughts on possible plot particulars

Could 2020: Iron Man 4 or Captain America 4
Will find yourself being whichever film did not come out in May 2019

July/August 2020: Physician Unusual 2
As mentioned partially one; the first sequel tends to concentrate on dropping powers or having them taken away. So I think this movie may, ultimately, contain the War of the Seven Spheres and Dr Unusual being pressured to hand over his powers for the higher good.

November 2020: Guardians of the Galaxy 3
My money’s on an evil version of the firefly jayne t shirt size Guardians of the Galaxy making an appearence; with maybe an exploration of the warfare between the Kree and whoever replaces the Skrulls.

Feb 2021: Captain Marvel 2
Means too early to even guess what the plot could possibly be.
Might 2021: Avengers four
God know what this is going to be about.

Whew! Let’s hope some of my guesses are correct. See you in Could 2015 when Age of Ultron’s launched!