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VIKING – 23: YE GODS, And Different Massive Fish* In the Norse Sea Of Fantasy

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AESIR, the gods who dwell in ASGARD, formerly warrior-gods led by ODIN;

Men's Desgin Daredevil and Elektra Short Sleeve Tops TeesALLGROEN (All Green), the isle HARBARD (one of many aliases taken by ODIN) used as a refuge over five years;

ASGARD, the stronghold of the gods, originally just the AESIR, then additionally the VANIR;
BALDR/BALDER/BALDUR, youngest son of ODIN and FRIGG. Wondrous, smart and gentle (perhaps Christ presaged ), mistakenly killed by BLIND HOD on the instigation of LOKI in a fit of jealousy;

BEYLA, maidservant of FREYR, spouse of BYGGVIR;
BIFROEST, burning three-coloured rainbow bridge between ASGARD and MIDGARD;

BOLVERK (Evil-doer), name ODIN took on his method to JOTUNHEIM/JOTUNHJEM to win the mead of poetry held in the vessel BODN;

BOR, son of BURI, father of ODIN, VILI and VE;
BRAGI, son of ODIN, god of poetry dr strange t shirt uk question and phrase-abilities, husband of IDUN;

BRISINGAMEN (Brising’s Necklace), priceless neck jewellery – or possibly a belt ) bought by FREYJA from four of the dwarves;

BURI, forefather of the gods, licked from the ice below NIFLHEIM/NIFLHJEM by the cow AUDUMLA;
BYGGVIR, manservant of FREYR, husband of BEYLA;

DAG, son of NAGT and DELLING, rides world wide on his steed, SKINFAXI (Shining Mane);
JOERD 1. (Earth), daughter of NAGT and AUMAR;

JOERD 2.(Earth), goddess mother of THOR by ODIN (also known as FORGYN);
EINHERJAR, the lifeless heroes in VALHALL who fight by day and feast throughout the night time, awaiting RAGNAROEK, the end of the world dr strange t shirt uk question of the gods;

EIR, goddess of healing, maybe one of the handmaidens of MENGLAD;
ELDIR, man of hearth, a servant of AEGIR;

FAFNIR, son of the farmer-sorcerer HREIDMAR, brother of OTTAR;
FATHIR, forbear of the noble-born;

FENSALIR (Water Halls), corridor of FRIGG in ASGARD;
FIMAFENG, one among AEGIR’S household retainers;

FJOERGYN, mom of THOR by ODIN, most likely an earth-goddess also referred to as JOERD*;
FOLKVANG (People-area), a part of ASGARD where hall of FREYJA stands;

FORSETI, god of justice, son of BALDER and NANNA;
FREYJA, daughter of NJORD, foremost of the VANIR fertility goddesses;

FREYR, son of NJORD, foremost of the male VANIR;
FRIGG, spouse of ODIN, first among the goddesses;

GAGNRAD, alias taken by disguised ODIN when calling on the large VAFTHRUDNIR;
GEFION, fertility goddess linked with the plough – tricked GYLFI the King of the Svear out of a part of his kingdom modern-day Sjaelland/Zealand, Denmark;

GIMLI, hall to be peopled by the ruling gods of the world after RANGAROEK;
GJALL (Ringing-horn), horn of the god HEIMDALL/HJEMDALL that can be heard all through the 9 worlds;

GLADSHEIM/GLADSHJEM (Residence of gladness), resting place of the gods on the plain of IDA, the place ODIN and the upper gods had their thrones;

GLITNIR, hall of FORSETI in ASGARD, constructed from silver and gold;
GRIMNIR, one other alias of ODIN, when he calls in disguise on foster-son GEIRROD, king of the Goths;

GULLINBURSTI (Golden-bristle), golden boar made by two of the dwarves for LOKI to present to FREYR;
GULLINKAMBI (Golden-comb), cockerel that wakes the EINHERJAR in VALHALL and warns the gods of the arrival of RAGNAROEK;

GULLINFAXI (Gold-mane), big HRUNGHEIDNIR’S steed on which he misplaced a race towards ODIN mounted on SLEIPNIR;

GULLVEIG, one of many VANIR (often known as HEID) burned thrice by the AESIR – she could also be the goddess FREYJA;

HARBARD, Ferryman (ODIN in disguise) who wrangles with THOR;
HEIDRUN, goat that provides milk unendingly to the EINHERJAR in VALHALL;

HEIMDALL/HJEMDALL, son of 9 mothers, this god owned the horn GJALL and was the watchman of the gods – he can also be linked with RIG, creator of the three races of mankind;

HERMOD, son of ODIN, who tried to convey his brother BALDER again from HEL;
HIMINBJORG (Rocks of Heaven), Hall of the god HEIMDALL/HJEMDALL in ASGARD;

HLIDSKJALF (Hill or Rock Cleft), excessive seat of ODIN in VALASKJALF from which he may oversee all that went on within the 9 worlds;

HODR/HODER, Blind son of ODIN who unwittingly killed his brother BALDER with a sprig of mistletoe on the instigation of LOKI – he will come back after RAGNAROEK;

HODMIMI’S HOLT (Hodmimi’s Wooden or Copse), one other name for YGGDRASIL;
HONIR, Lengthy-legged god often called a ditherer, sent by the AESIR to seal their truce with the VANIR;

HUGINN (Thought), one in all ODIN’S two ravens – the opposite is MUNINN (Reminiscence);
HVERGELMIR, Spring in NIFLHEIM/NIFLHJEM beneath one in every of YGGDRASIL’S roots, from it spring the eleven rivers recognized because the ELIVAGAR;

IDAVOLL (Area of Deeds), Plain in the course of ASGARD, site of GLADSHEIM/GLADSHJEM and VINGOLF where the principle gods meet in council;

IVING, River that runs between ASGARD and JOTUNHEIM/JOTUNHJEM;
JARL (Noble-born), claimed as son by god HEIMDALL/HJEMDALL and was taught the runes and their that means;

KON, son of JARL, additionally discovered the runes and could understand the ‘tongues’ of the wild-fowl;
KVASIR, described as one of many VANIR and as a clever man made from the spittle of the gods – slain by two of the dwarves, and the mead of poetry was brewed from his blood;

LAERAD, another name for YGGDRASIL;
LIF, man who hides in YGGDRASIL who survives RAGNAROEK and re-populates earth with a fellow survivor, the girl LIFTHRASIR;

LODDFAFNIR, one in all mankind who discovered his technique to the Nicely of URD and ODIN’S corridor and realized wisdom from the gods;FREYJA

LOFN, Goddess who smiled on undesired unions;
LOKI, one of the VANIR, handsome, easy-come, simple-go form of mischief-maker (son of two of the giants), usually known as the ‘sly one’, ‘the trickster’, ‘shape-changer’, ‘sky-traveller’ – he turns extra evil as time goes by, causes the death of BALDER by means of Blind HOD, caught and bound trying to flee within the form of a salmon, he is stored in a cave until RAGNAROEK;

MAGNI (May), son of THOR by the giantess JERNSEAXE (Iron Seax) – he and his brother MODI will inherit the hammer MJOELLNIR after RAGNAROEK;

MENGLAD (‘Necklace Glad’), the girl sought and received by SVIPDAG, the son of the seeress GROA – she is linked intently with FREYJA;

MIMIR, smart god sent by the AESIR to the VANIR to seal their truce and is killed by the VANIR – ODIN kept his head and set it down by the Properly of MIMIR;

MIMIR’S Well, Properly of knowledge beneath one of many roots of YGGDRASIL underneath JOTUNHEIM/JOTUNHJEM – guarded by the pinnacle of MIMIR;

MJOELLNIR, hammer of THOR made by the dwarves BROKK and EITRI, a totem of destruction, fertility and resurrection;;

MOTHIR, forbear of the nobly-born;
NAGLFARI, ship built from the nails of the dead that may bear the giants to the final battle at RAGNAROEK;

NANNA, wife of BALDER, daughter of NEP;
NARVI, son of LOKI by SIGYN, killed by his own brother VALI, and LOKI was bound with his innards – often known as NARI;

NJORD, one of many VANIR or fertility gods, father of FREYR and FREYJA – married SKADI – he is linked with the wind and the sea;

NOATUN (Shipyard or haven), corridor of NJORD in ASGARD;
NORNS, the three previous crones, seers of men’s fates – URD is Destiny (as in Angles’ and Saxons’ WYRD), SKULD is Being and VERDANDI is Want;

OD, lost husband of FREYJA – she weeps endlessly for him however he will never come back;
ODIN, father of THOR, initially of the AESIR, god of poetry, slaughter and loss of life – he has many other names, of which are ALLFATHER, the ‘Horrible One’, ‘One-Eyed’ and the ‘Father of Warring’;

ODROERIR (Heart-Stirrer), a cauldron that holds the Mead of Poetry brewed from the blood of Clever KVASIR;

OTTAR, Human lover of FREYJA, disguised as the boar HILDISVINI – considered one of his forefathers was the people hero SIGURD;

OTTER, son of farmer-sorcerer HREIDMAR – killed by LOKI and ODIN, HONIR and LOKI needed to pay a ransom of red gold to his father in retribution;

RAGNAROEK (Finish of the gods’ powers), final battle between gods and giants, bringing in all creatures and virtually all life ends, the nine worlds flooded;

RAN, wife of AEGIR, she dragged down drowning men along with her net;
RATATOSK (Swift Tooth or Rat’s Tooth), squirrel that runs up and down YGGDRASIL, bearing insults between the eagle that dwells in the uppermost branches, and the serpent NIDHOEGG that dwells at its foot and gnaws away at its roots;

REGIN, son of farmer-sorcerer HREIDMAR, brother of OTTER and FAFNIR;
RIG (Kingdom), name taken by the god HEIMDALL/HJEMDALL when he made the three races of men;

RIND, goddess, mistress of ODIN, who had a son VALI by him;
RINGHORN, BALDER’S ship by which he and NANNA have been cremated;

ROSKVA, farmer’s daughter and sister to THJALFI who turns into a servant to THOR on his expedition to UTGARD;

SAGA, goddess who drinks day by day in company with ODIN in her corridor, SOKKVABEKK in ASGARD;
SESSRUMNIR (Seat-Wealthy), corridor of FREYJA in ASGARD;

SIF, wife of THOR, her golden hair was shorn as a prank by LOKI – the dwarves spun a skein of gold to appear to be her own hair;

SIGYN, faithful spouse of LOKI who tried to keep the snake’s venom from his forehead when he was certain and left in cave earlier than RAGNAROEK;

SJOFN, goddess who aroused man’s passions;
SKIDBLADNIR (Picket-Bladed), ship that might be gathered in – one of the three priceless gifts made by the sons of the dwarf IVALDI for FREYR;

SKIRNIR, messenger of FREYR who received the giantess GERD for his master;
SLEIPNIR, Eight-legged steed of ODIN, sired by the stallion SVADILFARI on LOKI in his guise as a mare and given to the ALLFATHER as a peace-providing;

SOKKVABEKK (Sinking Ground), hall of SAGA in ASGARD;
SON (Blood), one of many jars that holds the Mead of Poetry brewed from KVASIR’S blood;

SVIPDAG (Swift Day), human son of the seeress GROA who seeks and wins MENGLAD;
SYN GODDESS, invoked by defendants at trials;

TANNGNOST (Tooth-grinder) and TANNGRISNI, the goats that draw the chariot of THOR;
THJALFI, farmer’s son who becomes servant of THOR, tremendously fleet of foot but outstripped by HUGI (Thought) in a working race at the hall of UTGARD-LOKI;

THOR, son of the ALLFATHER and JORD (or FJORGYN), husband of SIF, second in rank only to ODIN himself amongst the gods, as well as being their guardian – god of the sky and thunder as well as of fertility, evenly linked with upholding of regulation and order in MIDGARD, the most typical of his names being Thunder God and Charioteer;

THRUD, daughter of THOR, promised by the gods to the dwarf ALVIS;
THRUDHEIM (Would possibly’s House), kingdom of THOR within ASGARD, generally often known as THRUDVANG, site of his corridor BILSKIRNIR;

TYR, god of warfare, son of ODIN (or the large HYMIR, Snorri was unsure) – bravest of the gods, who gave one hand in order that the gods may bind the wolf FENRIR;

ULL (Shiny), god especially linked with bowmanship and skiing;
VALI (1), son of LOKI and SIGYN, turned into a wold by the gods and who killed his own brother NARVI/NARI;

VALI (2), son of ODIN by his giantessmistress RIND, born to take revenge for the demise of his half-brother BALDER;

VALASKJALF (Shelf of the Slain), Hall of ODIN in ASGARD;
VALHALL/VALHALLA (Corridor of the Slain), Nice corridor the place ODIN sat overseeing the EINHERJAR who fought and feasted and awaited their final battle at RAGNAROEK;

VALKYRIES (Choosers of the Slain), Good-trying, nubile younger ladies who whose the males fated to die in battle, the EINHERJAR, to bring them to VALHALL;

VANAHEIM/VANAHJEM, Kingdom of the gods of fecundity/fertility, the VANIR, who later joined the AESIR in ASGARD;

VAR (Oath), Goddess who hears wedding ceremony oaths and punishes those who return on their oaths;
VIDAR, son of ODIN by the giantess GRID, who will avenge the tip of the ALLFATHER and outlive RAGNAROEK;

VIGRID (Conflict-Shaker), Plain of ASGARD said to be 120 leagues in each course, or as 100 miles square, on which the final battle will be fought between the gods and males of the EINHERJAR on one side, and the giants and monsters on the opposite;

VILI and VE, brothers of ODIN, sons of BOR, grandsons of BURI;
VINGOLF, hall in ASGARD by which the goddesses have their excessive seats;

VOR, Goddess from whom nothingcould be hidden;*
YDALIR (Yew Dales), hall of the god ULL in ASGARD;

YGGDRASILL (The Horrible One’s Steed), the World Ash Tree that sure the worlds together by its roots and gave shelter

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* The title for this web page derives from a phrase you’d hardly hear any more: “Ye gods and little fishes!”

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