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Smallville’s Great LEXpecations: 10 Favourite Lex Luthor Moments

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It’s been said that a hero is barely as good as his villain, and if you’re Clark Kent you’ll be able to never change into Superman for those who don’t have Lex Luthor. Smallville took a character who for a few years had simply been often called Superman’s arch nemesis and actually fleshed him out into a full, three dimensional character. This after all couldn’t have been attainable with out the wonderful nuanced performance of Michael Rosenbaum who introduced such depth and complexity to the character. I imply think about it, can you think of any other present where the principle villain is definitely one of the protagonists for the first three seasons Even though I knew he was going to show into the evil Lex we all know, part of me held out hope, and still does, that deep down he’s just a damage, misunderstood child who has good in him.

Ever since leaving after the 7thseason finale, Michael Rosenbaum’s presence has been sorely missed and fans all over the world rejoiced at the news that dr strange records shirt 2017 he could be returning for the series finale. In honor of the good work he’s executed, we’re looking back at our favorite Lex Luthor moments. I call it…the Lex Luthor Lex-perience…(crickets) No No one Ok, let’s get on with it then…

Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot” – Lex runs over Clark together with his automotive
Photograph Credit score: The WB / David Gray

For each action, there is a reaction and the reaction from this one occasion started the greatest rivalry of all time between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. Had Lex never been speeding and misplaced management of his car, he by no means would have hit Clark Kent who pulled Lex out of the wreckage within the water. If that had by no means occurred, Lex would have never turn out to be buddies with Clark, virtually to the purpose of obsession trying to figure out his secret which in the end brought on the irreparable rift of their friendship and began the bitter feud between them. Who knows what Lex would have turn out to be had he not hit Clark together with his automobile, however because of this one single event, it in the end created one in every of the greatest villains of all time.

Season 1, Episode 6 “Hourglass” – Lex’s future is revealed
The plot for this episode revolved round an old woman who could see somebody’s future each time she touched them, which I believe they ripped off later on down the street in one other episode. Whereas the episode as a complete was so-so, it was its remaining moments that left a few of essentially the most haunting photographs ever seen on Smallville within the minds of the viewers. Lex goes to the previous girl and when she touches him she sees him as President of the United States and eventually the sky rains blood as he has unleashed a nuclear catastrophe that has left the whole lot in ruins as he stands in a discipline of human remains. The vision of Lex’s future is so powerful that before she can even tell him what she saw she immediately dies. The way in which it was shot and simply the aesthetic look to the whole sequence is so jarring and so stylized that it’s a type of images and moments that you just can’t shake. The seeds of a darkish future but to come back for Lex have been positively planted in this episode.

Season three, Episode eight “Shattered”- Lex loses his mind…or does he
Season 3 was attention-grabbing for the fact that Lionel Luthor grew to become the primary villain and his primary goal was his son Lex. After Lex went hunting down Morgan Edge to seek out out if he helped Lionel commit murder, Lex begins to have a psychotic break. Morgan Edge tries to run him down along with his automotive however Clark crushes the automobile with his naked hand proper in entrance of Lex. Sadly, no one believes Lex and he is admitted into the insane asylum. This storyline really was a shining second for Lex and the appearing by Michael Rosenbaum was simply prime notch. It was so frustrating and heartbreaking to see this character suffering and no person believing him when we as an audience know that he is certainly telling the reality. Watching him in that insane asylum as his father seems to be on was a chilling second as it showed Lex at his weakest and most weak.

Season 3, Episode 20 “Talisman” – Who is Clark ’s ultimate enemy
The opposite fascinating thing about season 3 was the focus on the Kawatche Indians and how their mythology correlated to Clark . Mainly he found a cave with their paintings on it that informed the story of his coming to Earth as the Kawatche individuals had prophesized since the beginning of time. In this particular episode there was a knife that was mentioned would be destroyed upon being touched by Clark ’s arch nemesis. Of course, the race was on for both Lex and Lionel to get their fingers on it and when they both grabbed it at the identical time, naturally it disintegrated into dust. Clark was left to surprise who his actual enemy can be. Up till this level in the show, Lex had been perhaps a little shady at occasions, but largely he was a huge hero. This was the first time the thought really crossed Clark ’s thoughts that Lex may not be who he thinks he is and that someday his relationship with him would possibly change. Of course we all know what finally happens, but for Clark this was a giant realization that things had been going to change…

Season 4, Episode 17 “Onyx” – Two Lex Luthors for the value of one!
Photo Credit: The WB

There are two sides to every story, and on this episode we received two separate Lex Luthors operating around Smallville! After a black kryptonite explosion (which we realized in the season premiere that black kryptonite can cut up personalities), Lex bought separated into normal Lex, and Alexander. His evil twin so to speak, Alexander, imprisoned Lex on the mansion and just went on an evil spree like you wouldn’t think about. This was the first actual glimpse on the Lex we might finally be seeing in season 7 and it additionally gave beginning to the well-known Lex quote used in countless promos “Looks like I’m the villain of this story.”

Season 5, Episode 9 “Lexmas” – Lex sees what his life might have been like
Photo Credit: The WB/Michael Courtney

…and they did change in a big way. By season 5 Lex and Clark had been full blown enemies and Lex had started down the street to the dark side. Nonetheless, in this Christmas-themed episode, Lex received to see what his life might be like if he changed his ways and bought out from beneath the affect of his father. A married life with Lana with youngsters and the white picket fence appeared to be what his heart truly desired, but his internal demons obtained the best of him and his “It’s an exquisite Life” future was nothing greater than a dream. It was fascinating to see the alternate Smallville universe with Chloe and Clark getting married (how Lex ending up married to Lana prevented Clark from discovering Lois was by no means mentioned) and the way Lex was so liked by not only Clark, but by Papa Kent as well. A bittersweet episode for the fact that we know issues won’t ever be like this no matter how a lot we want they have been.

Season 6, Episode 1 “Zod” – Kneel before…Lex!
Photograph Credit: The CW

At the end of Season 5, Brainiac had unleashed the spirit of Zod and it possessed Lex’s body. Within the Season 6 premiere, we received to see the total-on confrontation between Lex/Zod and Clark. Hearing Michael Rosenbaum utter those notorious words “Kneel before Zod” was awe-inspiring and having him be possessed by Zod allowed Clark and Lex to lastly have a physical confrontation, with Clark finally driving the spirit out of him into the Phantom Zone.

Season 6, Episode 16 “Promise” – Lex commits homicide dr strange records shirt 2017 on his wedding ceremony day
In my ebook, this episode represented the point of no return for Lex. After faking Lana’s pregnancy, the Doctor who made it occur threatens to inform her until Lex pays him two million dollars. Lex loses it and just beats the holy hell out of this man eventually killing him. I feel this very second is where Lex had lastly been taken over to the darkish side. Certain he had had finished some really crappy issues the entire season and wasn’t an ideal guy, but up till this moment you still thought maybe there was an opportunity. However after killing the doctor and hiding his body you simply realized that it was over for Lex. He was a special man than we knew at first of the sequence. This Lex was vicious, unrelenting, and dangerous…just the way we always knew he could be.

Season 7, Episode 16 “Descent” – Lex kills his father, Lionel Luthor
Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW

This moment was the end result of a seven season-long battle between father and son…and it all occurred in the chilly open of the episode! Lionel holds the important thing to unraveling who the Traveler is and Lex will get it from him, but that’s not enough. Years of being tortured by Lionel, of being mistreated; the entire lies and the deceit lead Lex to lastly put an end to it by pushing Lionel out the window and killing him. It was a bold move for the series basically to kill off Lionel, nevertheless it was much more ballsy to do it in the first 5 minutes of the episode! Still, this was Lex at his meanest and most sinister. Regardless that Season 7 was type of a bust it did convey out one of the best (or worst) in each Michael Rosenbaum and the character of Lex.

Season 7, Episode 20 “Arctic” – Lex finds out Clark ’s secret
Photo Credit: David Grey/The CW

The moment that we had waited for had lastly arrived. Lex had discovered Clark’s secret that he was the Traveler and he had infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude to end Clark ’s life for the sake of defending the planet. This second really surprised me not because of the fact that Lex finally knew, however it was how he reacted to it. I feel I (and doubtless a whole lot of different followers) half expected Lex to only go bananas and attack Clark with kryptonite however as a substitute you possibly can nearly see the hurt and remorse in his eyes when he took Clark down, telling him that he loved him like a brother however he had to do this. One of the best villains are always the ones who suppose that they’re doing the precise thing and even after all the non-public points they’d, Lex nonetheless beloved him, but felt he was a menace to the world together with his limitless amount of energy and had to be put down. After all this was the last time we noticed Michael Rosenbaum as Lex (“Lex” would return in season 8 partially deformed, however we try to forget about that) and for him to go out in such a giant means was superb in one way, but also left a whole lot of query marks that hopefully we’ll get some solutions to come the collection finale.