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Supergirl Boss Addresses Miley Cyrus’ Current Comments About Show’s Title

The Supergirl producers stand by their show’s title. Following a press screening Tuesday, govt producer Andrew Kreisberg responded to Miley Cyrus’ feedback slamming the title by reiterating what the producers have said since the start of the series.

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“It’s primarily based on a pre-current property that’s known as Supergirl, so we never had any intention of calling it something apart from that,” mentioned Kreisberg. “I suppose we labored arduous, especially within the early a part of season 1 to address the discrepancy. We really had a scene about Kara herself lamenting, ‘Why aren’t I referred to as Superwoman ’ and had domestic t-shirt brands in india Cat together with her nice rejoinder about how the word ‘girl’ in and of itself domestic t-shirt brands in india is not offensive. We continue to be happy with this present, we continue to be happy with Melissa and the character she represents and the hero that she represents. We stand by the present.”

On Tuesday, Variety printed an interview with Miley Cyrus the place she criticized the show’s title. While speaking to the trade about inequality in Hollywood, she stated she thought having a feminine president would assist give girls a “subconscious boost” and would help the industry understand how dated it was.

“For instance, there’s a show called Supergirl. I feel having a show with a gender connected to it is bizarre. One, it’s a woman on that f—-g billboard — it’s not a little bit lady. Two, what if you’re a bit of boy who desires to be a girl so bad that this makes you are feeling bad I believe having a title like Supergirl doesn’t give the facility that people assume it does,” stated Cyrus in the interview.

During the same press Q&A, Kreisberg additionally touched upon how Kara (Melissa Benoist) as a hero isn’t different from any of the other superheroes on The CW, which include The Flash‘s Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Arrow‘s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

“For us, the strongest feminist thing about this show is Kara herself, and simply as a personality, what Kara does week in and week out, and the challenges she’s introduced with and how she overcomes them each bodily and emotionally, that, to me, is the biggest statement towards having a strong female on tv, is by not speaking about it, however really exhibiting a robust feminine on tv,” mentioned Kreisberg.

He continued, “That’s the biggest feminist assertion that we could make, particularly if you examine it to our other shows, like Flash and Arrow — there’s nothing she goes up towards that they don’t go up towards, and she’s just as valorous and just as competent and simply as emotional and simply as flawed and simply as sturdy as any of the opposite male heroes that we’ve created. That, to me, is the best instance of being pro-girl, that this present can make as a press release week in and week out.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at eight p.m. ET on The CW.

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