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3 Awesome Superman Tee Shirts For Any Budding Clark Kent

Superhero t shirts have at all times been one in every of the most well-liked genre of t-shirts out there, whether or not they be primarily based on our heroes from Marvel Comics or DC Comics. Nonetheless, without doubt the most famous of all superhero t shirts are the Superman tee shirts from DC Comics.

Superman first appeared in Motion Comics #1, in June 1938, and since that point has been at the forefront of the the superhero style showing in all types of media, including comics, radio, books and television. However, it was in movie format that The Man of Steel became an icon to most people.

In 1978, Superman – The Movie, and its sequel Superman II (1981), turned two of the most profitable feature movies of their time. In addition they made their star, Christopher Reeve, a family identify overnight. Since that time, Superman merchandise and specifically Superman tee shirts have change into large business.

The Superman tee shirts hottest incarnation is of course the Superman shield emblem t-shirt, which when worn beneath a shirt gives the wearer a certain Clark Kent look in the mean time he’s about to rework into the superhero’s costume.

Under are my three favourite examples of the shield logo t-shirt, that are just excellent for any budding Clark Kent on the doctor who v neck shirt price market.

War Torn Shield
This can be a black tee shirt with a red S on a white shield, which has a burnt struggle torn look to it. The burnt S shield appears as if you’ve just been rescuing a burning prepare stuffed with commuters, or something equally as heroic.

The Struggle Torn Shield t-shirt goes great with a mild coloured pair of pants, similar to a pair of chinos or white jeans, and is available in sizes S through to XXXL.

60’s Sort Shield
This is a coffee coloured tee shirt with an orange shield that has been given a distressed look for that totally retro 60’s model.

The 60’s Type Shield t-shirt has a terrific informal look to it and goes just great with a stone washed pair of denims and a few sneakers. Again, this cool trying t-shirt is available in sizes S via to XXXL.

Retro Brand Distressed
My private favorite version of all these Superman tee shirts has got to be the retro emblem distressed look. This genuine DC Comics t-shirt is a doctor who v neck shirt price superb royal blue colour with the basic red S on a yellow background. In fact, this variant of the t-shirt is finest worn beneath a shirt, tie and swimsuit.

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