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Which Hair Extensions Are Greatest For short Hair

I am taking a look at getting hair extensions. I have started to grow out a pixie cut which I have had for a 12 months, I’ve been growing it out for about 3/4 months my hair is about 4 inches lengthy.

I’ve been told so many various things with reference to what I ought to have achieved and now I am so confused. I’ve been advised:

1. My hair needs to be not less than 5 inches lengthy for any extensions to be added
2. Nano rings will be best as they are the smallest of extensions and are higher for short hair.
3. My hair is just too brief, I have to have been rising my hair for at the very least a 12 months
4. Keratin extensions will likely be higher as this is evident product and will be added to hair as shirt as 2cms.
5. Having micro rings / nano rings will dark hair with blonde fringe be bad for my hair because the metal retains the heat and will stay hot for a while after if I am to dry my hair or use a sun mattress

Please assist me
Thank you xx

Leely x
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Most techs can do something with 4″. Id initially say go shoulder length at longest 1) as theres not much hair to assist hold the burden & 2) you wont have to be always styling it out of a mullet.

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