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Dry Hair And Shampooing – A Query

Whats up readers at this time we now have a query on shampooing, dry hair and extra that you too could discover helpful.

Hi :)I visited ur blog at the moment For the first time and liked some of the articles.Could u please assist me with my problem I’m a male(with normal male hair size) and i shampoo like once each 3-four days. I’ve a standard behavior of placing some water to comb my hair. So, after shampooing, if I apply some water to comb it, it turns into really rough and my hair cute easy curly hairstyles breaks. Also, I simply hate shampooing my hair as my hair will get kinda dry. Ofcourse, I cant stop shampooing my hair as its unhygenic. What should I do about it -Akash

Hello Akash.
It’s good to know you preferred among the articles.
Thanks for commenting. Sure, I’ll do my finest to assist. There are some issues in your Regime that want tweeking. Hence the dry, rough, breaking hair. Initially let me tell
You why your hair breaks.

1. The rationale will be discovered on this assertion of your.
“I have a standard habit of placing some water to comb my hair. So, after shampooing, if I apply some water to comb it, it turns into actually tough and my hair breaks.”

Shampooing typically dries out the hair as you already know. When combing shampooed hair it could be rough particularly when you have naturally dry hair because the hair gets drier. Many shampoos elevate the hair scales which result in the hair feeling rough. This also has to do with the ph of the shampoo. To combat that, issues like a conditioner can be used to soften the hair. You’ll be able to dilute a conditioner with water and spray it in your hair to help make combing extra gently and reduce tangles.

2. Since you will have dry hair i recommend you incorporate co-washing or co-rinsing into your regime. That would provide help to reduce the usage of the shampoo. Maybe switching to a shampoo for dry hair, a gentle shampoo or a moisturizing Sulfate free one could additionally assist. Additionally the day you resolve to make use of a cute easy curly hairstyles shampoo to chop down the drying effects of it you may pre-poo. These articles beneath would additional assist you to understand co-washing, pre-pooing and co-rinsing so learn all of them.

a) The right way to co-wash and what’s Co-washing
b) Co-rinsing VS Co-washing.
c) Pre-poo What is prepooing and the best way to prepoo your hair.

I hope those suggestions clear up the problem. Let me know the way they be just right for you!

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