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How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair
“Do not shampoo daily ARE YOU Crazy ” That is the response I get from most of my first time shoppers. Together with a glance as if I have two heads. “Sure that’s right,” I reply. “In order for you you’re hair to supply less oils it is best to not shampoo your hair everyday.” Sounds a little backwards I do know, however let’s discover the origin of shampooing and oily scalps.

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In 1908, The brand new York Times revealed an article recommending women shampoo their hair each two weeks. At that time once a month was normal. In the 1970’s an curly weave sew in with bangs ad marketing campaign by Faberge for Farrah Fawcett Shampoo inspired people to shampoo more often. There slogan “one thing beautiful occurs to your hair” gave the impression that for those who wished voluminous, flowing, bouncy locks this was the product to use.

Shampoo ad campaigns continued to persuade prospects that shampooing on daily basis was good. According to Procter & Gamble Americans wash their hair more than four occasions a week compared to people in Spain and Italy who shampoo on average twice per week.

My Hair is So Oily I Have to Shampoo On a regular basis
The simplest approach to stop your hair from becoming oily is to stop touching it. Think of it like your skin. For those who repeatedly contact your face it begins to get more oily. Our sebaceous gland produce sebum on our scalp. Sebaceous glands are what retains the hair and skin moisturized. The sebum created in the sebaceous glands moves up the skin by the hair follicle. When the oil combines with external pollutants it creates a build up on the hair and scalp. That is what creates an oily slick look on the hair.

There is a popular belief that the best approach to rid your hair of oil is to shampoo it. This is a Myth. Shampooing your hair actually encourages oil production. The sebaceous glands produce a sufficient amount of oil wanted to moisturize the scalp. Once the hair is shampooed the sebaceous glands immediately produces more. This happens time after time again until the sebaceous glands are now working overtime to keep an accurate amount of oil on the hair and scalp. That is when most people really feel they have to shampoo or else they’ll look like an oily grease pit.

How Do I Stop My Hair From Producing So much Oil
The answer is simple. Shampoo less. I know, it’s not what most individuals need to hear. However, shampooing less is the simplest technique to rid your hair of overactive sebaceous glands. The less you shampoo the less oils are produced. If you’re one that shampoos everyday it isn’t beneficial to stop cold turkey. The best strategy is to slowly wean yourself off your shampooing addition.

Steps to wean yourself from daily shampooing:
First 2 weeks
– Shampoo your hair every other day.
– The days that you are not shampooing you may rinse your hair for 3-5 mins. (if it makes you’re feeling better you can pretend you are working up a lather just don’t pick up the shampoo bottle.)
– After rinsing Condition the midshaft to ends. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp as this will weight the hair down.

Second 2 weeks
– Shampoo your hair every different day.
– On the day after you shampoo don’t rinse or shampoo in any respect.
– If you discover that your hair gets oily in your non-shampoo day you might use dry shampoo or child powder in your scalp only. This helps soak up any excess oil.

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