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Tips AND TANTRA FOR Perfect Beauty

Vrigin Indian Hair 3 Bundles Bodywave Hair Extensions 300g With 13*6 Lace Frontal 10-32 inch Natural BlackBlow drying your hair is maybe one of the best method to straighten out your curls without treating them chemically ad it can be easily carried out at dwelling, offered you do it the best manner. Carelessness in handling the heat on your hair may damage them permanently. Here are a few ideas that you need to use to blow dry your hair:
Wash your hair and dry them using the towel.
Apply any thermal protector hair product that protects them from heat, especially the hair ends.
Rub some straightening balm in your palms and massage it in your hair evenly.
Comb your hair using your finger and then use the blow dryer on a low setting to remove the excess water.
Take a section of your hair and clip rest of them on top.
Gently brush by the part from roots to ends utilizing a thick, spherical brush while blow-drying your hair, stretching and straightening your hair at the same time.
While blow-drying the hair, remember to point the nozzle of the dryer downside to avoid frizzes.
If in case you have flyaway hair, you may curly hair sites tame them by making use of an anti-frizz serum or pomade on it.
It is healthier to blow dry hair while brushing the underside first, so that hairs in the lower section gets dried too and then you may move on to the topmost layer of hair.
Keep the tension consistent and distribute the heat evenly over the section of the hair to make sure uniform drying of hair and that you do not harm the hair texture.
Take other sections of hair and keep working on them. It’s better to work from the backside of your hair to the front aspect.
When you have two crowns on the top of your head, try drying the hair first in the opposite direction and then move on to the direction you want to make them stand uniformly. Drying hair flat to the scalp can only emphasize the double crown.
Fully dry each section of hair before transferring to the subsequent section, so that you needn’t redo it again later.
One of the best finishing brush that can give you smooth silky hair look is the big paddle brush.
If you would like to keep curly hair, it is better to blow dry with a diffuser on low speed and apply the hair product while the hair continues to be damp.

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