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Transformers: Each Autobot And Decepticon From The Dwell-Action Movies

The Transformers movie franchise clocks in at five films now, with plenty more on the way. And with every new film including more Autobots, Decepticons and impartial gamers to the combo, this universe has grown incredibly enormous during the last decade. The variety of heroes and villains in these movies is now pushing 100, and that’s just the robot characters.

It can be powerful maintaining observe of so many characters, so to help get you primed for Transformers: The Final Knight we have created a slideshow breaking down all of the dozens and dozens of Transformers to seem on the big display so far, including these characters (that we know of) who comic halloween are making their debut in the newest sequel. Check all of them out right right here (spoilers comic halloween for the primary four movies observe)…

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