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Are You The real Fonejacker

My new hairstyle is emo/punk my natural auburny brown color doesnt do the type much justice..would black work

I’m 27, 5foot 3 and size 8/10

Are you the true fonejacker

It might make your face so much paler! However you might most likely do it..

Yes, a lady I work with has blue eyes, pale skin and naturally black hair. She is tremendous sizzling!
yeah, I positively assume it can be the right complement. I wish to dye my hair actually darkish too.

And it isn’t emo. That is a retarded factor to say
I’ve at all times dyed my hair black, however I attempt not to do the ultra-goth pale thing and maintain a natural-looking celebrities with clip in hair extensions coloration in my pores and skin. I feel it truly makes the black look higher. Together with your blue eyes it should look nice, however it’d look strange with ultra-pale skin.

Well, it is your hair you can do whatever you want. The only problem is when you don’t love it can take quite a lot of processing to go back to a lighter coloration.

I think it could definately look good in case you wished it to be emo. So yeah!
I feel black would look good with pale skin!

since you are pale, it might make you look more pale, goth-like
Black with some highlights perhaps. Or, go a darker brown and see how that works. Jet black could make you look too harsh. But, then again, you’re going for punk.

simply because you are punk now doesn’t suggest you have to die your hair black. i would not if i were you.

attempt a darker brown first, then discuss with your hairstylist and see how far you may take it.
i’ve blue eyes and pale pores and skin and dyed my hair black a yr in the past, everybody i new said it looked great, really makes blue eyes stand out. Go for it!!

Yeah, you can get away with it now. I think the law against it was just repealed or it sunset last week

If your really pale you will look like some zombie.. but I think I’ve a picture of what you might be talking about and it does not look bad on him!

i have blue eyes and super pale skin, and my hair is naturally black. it seems to be advantageous though i dye it red cause i personally prefer that. go for it.

That would positively work and would look pretty cool. =] I might definitely say go for it!
Sure, I think you could possibly, but a suggestion can be to get a nice tan. No offense, however that can convey out your eye shade and new hair shade.

Yeah, you would do it, I believe it could work.
i might say go for dark brown or brownish black. black may make you look paler..

i feel it could look cool. it might add to the emo look if it did not anyway.
i’ve hazel blue eyes and pale pores and skin and drk brown hair..it looks nearly black.

I believe your skin can be extra paler nicely truly it’s but when thats what you need and suppose would look good on you, then do it.. I feel chocolate brown would look good should you simply need darkish hair

NO pale pores and skin brown hair sure however not blonde
the black hair will wash out your pores and skin making you look very pale.

No I believe it would was you out. I’d suppose possibly a soft shade.

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