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Early Bane Idea Art From The Darkish Knight Rises

If there was one facet cat avengers t shirt 15 of The Dark Knight Rises that left followers divided, then it was absolutely Tom Hardy’s masked Men’s Doctor Doom Legendary Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt villain Bane. Overlooking the controversy surrounding his voice, Christopher Nolan’s ‘gritty and realistic’ interpretation of Bane noticed the character bear a dramatic shift away from his comedian ebook counterpart when it comes to look, extra so than any of the other DC characters brought to life in cat avengers t shirt 15 Nolan’s Dark Knight universe (except for Robin, I suppose).

Nicely, due to Display Crush – who’ve acquired their hands on some photographs from a behind-the-scenes documentary from the upcoming house-entertainment launch – we will now take a look at some early concept designs for Bane which present a extra conventional, luchadore-type mask, in addition to an early sketch for what grew to become his eventual cat avengers t shirt 15 look:

The Darkish Knight Rises is launched on Blu-ray, DVD and Download on December 3rd here in the UK and December 4th in North America.

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