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Forum:Batman Vs. Aquaman Query

I have been commissioned by a professor of mine to search out a specific comedian where Batman fights Aquaman. All he may inform me of the story was that Batman fought Aquaman (or Sub-Mariner he mentioned, but I’m simply assuming he meant Aquaman), and afterwards washed up on a beach and crawled right into a church the place he discovered a cherub that cried blood. Judging by my professors age, it was in all probability from the eighty’s and even late 70’s. I looked up abstract’s of all the Brave and the Daring issues that captain america t shirt diy 01 featured Aquaman listed on this Wiki but none of them captain america t shirt diy 01 seemed to suit his description.

Can anybody assist me out
Hiya, I feel I know that problem…. The Brave and the Daring #eighty two (Mar 1969) – Batman vs Aquaman Attempt that,I imagine that this is the issue you’re on the lookout for. If not,there is a listing of Aquaman appearances which embody a listing of Aquaman and Batman crossover issues and summaries for them at the following site:

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