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Possibly fruity was not one of the best phrase…goofy how about that.
First off Over sized blue head with bizarre “ears” “horns” issues. For some cause to me it just sticks out option captain america t shirt design job to much.

Beady eyes.

Giant arms that make the arms look freakishly lengthy. If he has big palms then why does he have normal trying toes. Simply seems poorly thought out. I might count on him to have over sized feet or feet that looked nearer to the arms…..all blue and magenta.

Tongues within the hands
Magenta coloured hair/tentacle That he retains bones in. The trophy thing is kinda cool however a distinct shade would rather a lot higher. I also do not captain america t shirt design job like the fact it hides the Red Lantern Corps image on his chest.

The magenta coloration on the arms. They already look bizarre being so long and having the tongue but the magenta simply seems to be worse.

I simply don’t see Purple Lanterns as captain america t shirt design job brightly colored. To me they must be darker more sinister. Not mild blue and magenta.

I might need a completely completely different opinion if he was a darker blue. I also hate the fact that he was just made up and by no means in Green Lantern e-book. Particularly when there are different Red Lanterns who could have been used.

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