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Thor Killed John Krasinski’s Goals Of Being Captain America

Women's Desgin supergirl d fam Short Sleeve T-ShirtJohn Krasinski has revealed Thor star Chris Hemsworth smushed his Captain America goals, but it surely wasn’t that large hammer of his that did the job.

Nope. It was his incredibly buff body what carried out it.
During a current look on Conan, Krasinski revealed that he had done a screen check for the function of the Marvel superhero back in 2010, which ultimately went to Chris Evans.

And clearly nonetheless not over it, Krasinksi blamed the Thor actor – or extra precisely, his fit bod – for dropping him the half.

“Once they asked me to check, they really allowed me to put on the suit, I used to be on a set, it was all very fascinating,” stated Krasinski.

“But I remember, the one bummer of it was, I used to be putting on the swimsuit, just watching it, I used to be like, that is so amazing.

“And i bought about right to my waist, I used to be still shirtless, feeling pretty good about myself and abruptly Chris captain america iron man shirt Hemsworth walked by as Thor, and he’s like, ‘Hey, mate’.

“And i went, I am good, that is captain america iron man shirt silly. It’s okay. I’m not Captain America. It’s nice.”
So while Hemsworth has been making children’s desires come true together with his pal Tom HIddleston this week, plainly he crushed the dreams of little John Krasinski between these offensively incredible pecs of his.

See. For this reason we don’t go to the gym…