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Green Lantern is a Bolliger & Mabilard stand-up roller coaster located at Six Flags Nice Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The roller coaster usually opened in 1997 at Kentucky Kingdom as Chang. Because it opened, it stole from Mantis at Cedar Level (now Rougarou) the data of being the tallest, longest, and quickest of its sort. Chang also boasted the world’s tallest vertical loop. It held these world data for only one year, as at Six Flags Magic Mountain, The Riddler’s Revenge opened.



As talked about earlier, Green Lantern was Chang at Kentucky Kingdom. Because it opened in 1997, it was awarded for its height, length, velocity, drop, and loop. The colour scheme of Chang was yellow. It was relocated to Six Flags Nice Journey following Kentucky Kingdom not being a Six Flags park anymore as they Men’s Custom flash superhero dc comics Short Sleeve Tee Shirt ditched it. As it was brought to Six Flags Nice Journey, the park removed Great American Scream Machine for taking over a lot space.

Green Lantern is themed to the DC Comics character, Green Lantern. The observe is painted inexperienced, with the exception of the yellow vertical loop. The c3po r2d2 shirt malaysia second corkscrew was originally the track part which was going to be yellow, but it surely was decided to switch the scheme to the primary loop. The c3po r2d2 shirt malaysia loop is yellow because Green Lantern’s enemy is the yellow Parallax.

Green Lantern currently operates with two steel-and-fiberglass trains. Every prepare has seven automobiles with four seats in a single row, for a total of 28 riders. Riders are secured by an over-the-shoulder harness. Though Green Lantern is a stand-up roller coaster, there is a small bicycle seat on which riders can lean.

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