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Something About It Just Isn’t Attractive

Did you ever think that they like the way their natural hair is And for the ones who do coloration and straighten buy wendy williams wigs their hair, so what white girls dye their hair so much they don’t even know what their natural color is generally. Why are they allowed to change their hair, but when someone black changes their hair, they need to be white Double standard anyone

effectively first off that is dumb I never thought that method we should always do to your hair no matter you please. When your real dark, blonde shouldn’t be a good color but, to each his own.Whats it to you you look asian.To the answer above me what is blond learn how to spell miss edjucated.Thats what I thought you better fix it ghetto girl.Oh I see you modified your trashy ghetto name lol!!!!sherri P good reply!I agree

Natural hair is always one of the best. No matter what colour it is.
good observation, but I’ve never seen a dark girl pull the blonde hair thing off without trying ghetto. Something about it just isn’t attractive. Kinda like looking at a photo adverse.

Good level. However I say stay pure, and be happy with what God gave you.
I believe it’s a double commonplace too, Personally I wouldn’t get it for myself. But i know a couple(exactly 2) black girls born with natural blonde hair and people thought they dyed it and said they have been trying to be white.

I am going to take the straight her but Never the blonde. Blonde hair to me appears to be like trashy on black girls. The only cause I do straighten my hair is because it is easier to manage and it is less time consuming.

i dont, i love my natural hair.
Because it is the reality, you need to be like us, you think that can keep your bucks from operating off w/ white women.

I like my kinky hair. It’s easy to maage and i can braid it. weave it, and hot comb it anytime I want.

I’ve my hair natural too..It’s eaiser to manage than straight relaxed it’s wayyyy more versatile..I dont dye or striaghten my hair..

To answer the question..Black natural hair is considered bad in this counrty.The obvious reason is b/c black women dont know tips on how to fashion our natural hair, they will go running to the hills to slap some creamy crack on it to me it striaght..

Look at all the hair care magazine even the ones for black ppl..they Only cater to striaght or wavy hair.Try calling up a salon on asking them in the event that they know how to fashion natural black hair..Natural black hair is last on the list, that is why more women decide to use relaxers, they Think it is eaiser to handle however its NOT.This in fact causes other races to think black ppl dont like their natural hair or that something is flawed with it..when of course it’s just that we are miseducated about our hair..

Now when u see a black ladies walking down the road together with her pure, well being, styling hair everyone is in awwww, esp white ppl..Now we have nice hair, it’s simply that we dont know and dont want to be bother with taking good care of it..

i think natural hair is the best. and that i truly like black women’s hair. oh, and those tiny little braids and beads. gosh, they are so awesome.

why would anyone want blonde dog/animal hair
Thank you. I agree. It’s a complete double standard. I additionally cant stand when people say we straighten our hair to look white. White ladies will not be the only ones on the earth with straight hair. How come no one ever asks why we’re trying to look Native American, or East Asian Bottom line is we’re not making an attempt to look like anyone.. we’re black, and we seem like black ladies. It ought to be no ones business why we do Anything to our hair.

Now I don’t think every black woman that I see with blone dyed hair is trying to be white, however I could be mendacity if I didn’t say the thought does not cross my thoughts once i see a black lady (usually darker) with blond hair and some bright *** blue contacts

I am a black woman that has knowledge of self and a high reverence for my ancestors so why would I not like what I’m Natural kinky is gorgeous and is probably the most exotic because nobody else has it. Most different races have straight or smooth curly/wavy hair but blacks are the only people with that type of hair so why should they be ashamed of their hair

It is something flawed with black women sporting weaves, perms and other unnatural hair styles and it would not make it Okay simply because white women are doing it. Black women must be proud of their pure kinky hair and when they put on weaves and perms, it reveals that both there are ashamed of their hair and search to cowl it up with white ladies’s hair or they’re so addicted to the weaves and chemicals that they do not know easy methods to take care of their natural hair anymore and they will cross that ignorance all the way down to their future daughters. Obviously the sisters that do wear weaves and perms hate their natural hair because most of them still believe in “good and bad hair” where African hair is the dangerous hair.

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