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DIY Clip-In Hair Extensions

Until you’re going for a contrasting coloration or bundle shopping dramatic scene look, you’re going to need to ensure your extensions look as practical as possible. In the event you picked a very good shade, the distinction will not be very apparent – the primary giveaways are seeing the clips poking out close to the crown of your head, and bundle shopping seeing a very distinct ‘break’ between the length of your actual hair and the extensions.

In the primary case, you want to ensure you will have sufficient hair to comb over the clips close to the highest and blend. If your hair is skinny, or you are apprehensive about it staying in place, you possibly can tease it a bit and add hairspray. Another factor that helps is to clip it in again, in a kind of half-up/half-down fashion, which camouflages the break between lengths, in addition to maintaining the hair in place.

I Tip Peruvian Straight Human Virgin HairIn the latter case (and longer time period), you are going to want to layer your extensions. If possible, have an precise stylist do this for you. If that’s not in the playing cards, you may cut a couple of layers in it yourself, to keep the difference from trying as apparent. The easiest option to do this is to slide a plain shaving razor lightly downward alongside the sides, starting just under your natural hair size, and moving downward an inch or so. Be careful not to take a lot off with any stroke, and go slowly, utilizing 2-three mirrors to check your progress. You’ll definitely want to trim a bit around the bottom, so you haven’t any large choppy strands hanging down, and to make the reduce slightly more pure trying.

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