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I’m Grateful For “discovering” Them

Time for some Friday Confessions. Here we go:
I confess.. that I’m a little hyper and giddy this morning and really don’t have any reason to be. I haven’t got massive weekend plans, I don’t have anything really to be excited about in this second.. and but, here I’m, hyper and giddy. Must be Friday.

I confess.. somehow between final night and this morning, I did one thing to tweak my lower again. Thankfully, doesn’t seem to be the kind of lower back ache that used to immobilize me fully (knock on wood). I did a extremely gentle workout very cautiously when i bought up, and it is already feeling higher as I move round this morning. I actually don’t need a type of terrible sore backs that I used to get.. I haven’t had one in years, and that i don’t want one now!

I confess.. that I was sad when i heard of Prince’s sudden passing last week. But I also confess that my knowledge of Prince’s music catalog is embarrassingly restricted. “Kiss” and “Purple Rain” are really the one songs of his I knew well. Nevertheless, after seeing the video of his shock performance at the SNL 40 After Party last February, I can now say “Let’s Go Crazy” is my one of my absolute faves. It was such a fun video to observe!

I confess.. that it is a shame it takes a legendary singer/musician’s passing to inspire me to get an education in their music, but that has happened to me twice now this year – first with Bowie, now with Prince. I brown hair with purple ombre am grateful for “discovering” them, however sad that I did not do so sooner.

I confess.. I’m contemplating a new ‘do. I’ve a hair appointment developing next week, and i really feel like I would need a change. However I’m nervous. I’ve worked exhausting to grow my hair longer for the previous few years, and that i know how long it takes to get it this lengthy (and it’s not that frigging lengthy). If I chop all of it off again, I’ll be stuck with it for a while. Oh, choices, choices..

I confess.. that final evening when I was at my buddy Sharon’s, she, her husband, and that i have been trying to provide you with our “Top 5” – you recognize.. the 5 celebrities you’d be given a “pass” on and be allowed to sleep with if the opportunity introduced itself. And Lord love a duck, it was more durable to choose than I thought!! After making my record wishy-washily, I realized I would forgotten Jimmy brown hair with purple ombre (HOW Could I Overlook JIMMY ! !) so I had to start over again. I even thought more about it as I tried to fall asleep last evening, and again this morning, and I think I have my record finalized: Jimmy Fallon, James Marsden, Adam Levine, Gabriel Macht, and Ryan Reynolds. (and I didn’t include Wade Redden, because I don’t suppose he counts as a star anymore, but he remains my Supreme #1.)

I confess.. that I’m making numerous plans in my head nowadays. Doing quite a lot of day-dreaming and wishful pondering.. and that i don’t know if it is going to ever be ideas and plans that become actuality, but man, it is enjoyable to have these sorts of issues occurring in my head again. It has been a very long time.

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