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What’s The bigger Image

Some time again, BGLH posted in regards to the pattern of box braids gaining popularity amongst women with straight hair. brazilian body wave styles Now, it seems that another side of pure hair aesthetics is catching on.

YouTuber Eskimohair, a fairly under the radar vlogger has come into the net highlight just lately for her “How to make straight hair into Afro hair tutorial” video. Though, she has only 212 subscribers, the aforementioned video has garnered over 36K views — exponentially more than any of her other hair tutorials.

The video exhibits Eskimohair tightly wrapping her advantageous, straight hair around pieces of foil, then removing the foil and fluffing her now textured hair. The video itself is innocuous — 3 minutes long with no voiceover — however the comments part (which is 190+ feedback deep, by the way) has some women (and men) up in arms.

Let’s discuss, shall we
After poring through the comments, I’ve concluded that there are two camps: camp one, which consists of those that don’t think the video poses any appreciable threat to ladies with pure hair, and believes that Eskimohair’s video is extra of a tribute or homage to our dynamically textured hair. Camp two feels fairly the other — that Eskimohair’s video contributes to a harmful development of natively pure and Black hair aesthetics being intentionally appropriated by mainstream culture. Who’s proper It’s a matter of opinion and perspective.

Camp 1:
“She’s not calling our hair nappy, ugly, or something derogatory. She likes our versatility and texture and chose to emulate it. There’s no distinction between what she did and black girls that wear weaves, get perms, and flat iron their hair. At the end of the day, it’s simply hair.” With my rose coloured glasses on, I can perceive the kumbaya logic that drives camp one. Many of them feel flattered and even honored to see their hair texture desired by a white woman (this in itself is problematic ideologically, but that’s another article for another time). I don’t believe that Eskimohair uploaded her video with in poor health intent or the want to mock and denigrate natural hair. I really imagine her motive came from a place of easy aesthetics — attempting to emulate what comes to us naturally, for the sake of model or being on trend. It wouldn’t be the first time that this has occurred, either (sips tea).

Camp 2:
Camp two believes that while not ill-intentioned, Eskimohair’s try at emulating our texture sends her down the slippery slope of cultural appropriation for personal gain. Camp two’s issues do not go unwarranted, although. Just ask the top hairstylists and manufacturers what all of the mainstream rage is right now. In case you didn’t know, it’s cornrows and child hair. Like, Chili from TLC child hair. There’s no point out of the origins of these hair types, although anyone with an inkling of an inner-metropolis clue is aware of exactly the place they came from. We’ve seen time and time once more how the creativity and ingenuity of black ladies have been virtually erased from mainstream culture. The contributions are essentially stolen, repackaged and popularized with out an ounce of consideration or acknowledgement to its originators. Much more troubling is the reoccurring theme of black girls enduring years of denigration and being instructed their pure options are ugly and unworthy, solely to have white ladies undertake and surgically improve what we’ve been informed to be ashamed of for years.

The larger Picture
So once more, we arrive at that time — what’s actually at work right here What’s the larger image Personally, my emotions are hybridized. I don’t consider Eskimohair is attempting to stake a claim to #TeamNatural (like others have executed). She’s not pretending to be “down.” Without knowing her personally, I give her the benefit of the doubt.

However we’ve mentioned time and time again how though, biologically “it’s simply hair,” for black women, that merely isn’t the case. Many of us labored in opposition to our own mental barricades, our loved ones and even our employers in brazilian body wave styles a wrestle to just accept, embrace and proudly present our pure hair. So I perceive how some feel that a white woman sporting Afro-textured hair as a trend for a few days cheapens our journey to self-acceptance.

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At the tip of the day, I imagine there exists a teachable moment on this. Movies like the one Eskimohair created, present alternatives to have interaction in healthy dialogue round what it means to appropriately borrow from, share with, be inspired by and educate folks around different cultures. The web and social media make the crossing of cultural boundaries inevitable. We can’t cease anybody from doing a twist n’ curl any more than we will keep Iggy Azalea from rapping. But what we can do is control the narrative surrounding our glorious crowns.

What are your ideas How do you feel concerning the YouTube tutorial and subsequent response

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