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Gerard Christopher, Stacy Haiduk, Ilya Salkind, Stan Berkowitz, Julia Pistor

Though in effects, price range, and 80s sensibilities, ‘Superboy’ has some high quality issues, this is the very best ‘Superman’ present I’ve seen, higher, surprisingly, than ‘Smallville.’ I used to be shocked to find that, but there it’s–the last Superman/boy effort that seemed to remember the actual nature of the Superman character and be unembarrassed by it. Not like in Smallville, Gerard Christopher wears the suit, flies, and has a continual ambiguous relationship with the resourceful, ballsy Lana Lang, who’s always been much more excited by revealing Clark as Superboy than Lois Lane generally was. The present isn’t nice–the 80s results, reasonable funds, and 80s Television writing be certain that. But this is still one of the best Superman show ever to be on Tv. Particular credit to Stacy Haiduk for her compelling portrayal of the intelligent Lana (a totally different–and more interesting, truthfully–take than Kristin Kreuk’s lovely however barely boring (writers’ fault, not hers) Lana of the 21st century. This present, whose rankings were rising when it was pulled because of rights issues (DC did not want the mediocre ‘Lois and Clark’ to have bodyfit t shirts Women’s Rey Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt competitors. Sigh). It’s a really dated show, but if you’re okay with that, it’s truly bodyfit t shirts significantly better than the extra fashionable ‘Smallville’–notably seasons 3 and 4. Gerard Christopher is the final actor to have played Superman who appears to have understood the fundamentals laid down (in variations) by the comics, George Reeve, and Chris. If you are curious, take a look at a number of episodes–the double ‘Roads Not Taken’, 3rd season, is probably the better of the collection. Season four is essentially the most consistently good, though.