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Letting The Thoughts Vitality Flows.

Solah. It is about solah. need full definition i believe most people know about it already. at present i slept very very bob wigs human hair early, at about 9pm, got up at 3am, feeling so recent, answered some of my frens postings in FB, one in every of them was complaining about not having the concentration during solah. cleaned myself, and performed my final formal obligation for today, my Isyak prayers. felt relief when the whole lot is done and now i can do something else, which i consider also an ibadah, insyaALlah 🙂

i used to be known as to put in writing about solah, after watching considered one of my favorite YouTube Daie, Brother Fredrik aka Fady, on solah. recalling when i was very young, i was forced by my brother to perform my prayers. i still cant overlook how he pulled my hair and dragged me to the bathroom to perform abolution (wuduk), and threatened to kill me if i didnt perform my prayers. i yelled at him telling that i prayed for him, not for God would never hurt me if i didnt perform solah. i smiled serious about that funny incident, 30 years ago. hmmm..that was the novice me, doing things without a whole understanding of the reasons and benefits behind all pillars.

why Allah instruct us to perform solah why is it so important for Him to see us nod, put our face on the ground, stand nonetheless and bend and stand nonetheless once more, similar to a taichi exercise why is it so difficult for some muslim, to perform their prayers and for businessmen who are busy doing retail businesses, for a minimum of stop for a while to face Allah, formally i have skilled all that. from school, college and working days..performing solah was considered very tough to me, for i didnt understand why i must praise God who is 0 % affected by ‘ignorant slaves’ and their ignorance.

Alhamdulillah, when i found about the beauty of solah, i felt that i was a revert. the whole lot appeared light, and i felt relief, fresh and blissful every time i finished my solah. no one force me, nobody threatened me, no one ‘bribe’ me like most mothers do in order to pursuade their kids to perform solah, that is my own free will to do what i feel, beneficial to me, my own good self.

want to know why let me narrate by how i taught my children about solah. i told them that solah is a way to love and thank God for what we’ve got been awarded, with health, wealth and and many others. solah also a way to show that we are ‘scared’ of Him, not within the negative method, however in a method, we dont wish to be burnt bob wigs human hair in fireplace, in Hell. so, this is how i advised my children on why we should perform our solah.. (below text wordings are not verbatim of course, however roughly that was how i got my youngsters listened to me)

Allah, doesnt need our praises, he is the AL mighty, the most powerful, He owns this world and our lives, AL Jalal, doesnt need us. but why He asked us to hunt His help, to praise Him and so on etc

Why he needs us to love Him Allah is probably the most loving, we see as if we are ‘forced’ to love Him, why is that so again, Allah is probably the most loving, that is one vital point. by loving Allah, He would do the identical, and by having His love, we’d get his Rahmah (sympathy) and by getting his sympathy, we may be chosen to enter jannah (paradise). it is for our own sake.

Why he wants us to thank Him We feel that we are forced to thank Him, however actually, He wants us to be grateful. by being grateful, He would provides extra, the extra we thank Allah, the extra rezk (in any type) could be given to us. we hardly discover that as a result of we’re used to take things for granted. we dont realize this, but this is what actually happen. the more we are thankful, the extra advantages we received, in so many forms. once more, it’s for our personal sake.

Why he needs us to be afraid of Him performing solah, is another approach to indicate that we abide His directions to carry out solah, due to the worries of being punished for not obeying His demand. punishment can come in lots of type, however the ultimate one, is in fact being burnt in hearth, in Hell. this will seems scary, and some might assume Islam is a religion of ‘threatening’ and black if God ‘favorite quote’ is, ‘i am the boss, should you dont do this and that, I will burn you in Hell’..Reduce ! Reduce ! Reduce !..PLEASE remember, Allah is the most merciful, and He knows His creations are having so many variety of the way to be made understood.

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