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They’re Known as Head Wraps

Black hair! !..(epecially for black ladies)..
yes..i actually wanted to know what the things are known as for the wraps head wraps ..india arie used to wear them..and the scarf like thing covers up the whole head and is wrapped in a bun at the back of the u cant see the hair at all. i really like that kind of i wanted to know exactly what they are called.and possibly where i could buy them at …also do u think having the hair like that may take the hair out.since the hair wont be getting much air .

thanks..i really want and need to know !
Remy Human Hair Bodywave Hair 4x4 Free Part Lace Top Closures 10-16 Inch #1B/27 2 Tone Ombre ColorThey’re called head wraps. In the event you loved this information and you would want to receive much more information with regards to Brazilian generously visit our own website. The look can be obtain with any scarf, primarily an enormous one. U might also get with a shirt. It just depends on the length of ur hair and how thick it’s. The celebs we see with them probably get them made or order them blue guy hair from someplace can this look can be finished with any piece of easy cloth.

sorry dont know what they’re called but dont worry about your hair getting enogh air.. it should be fine

No of course not, your hair doesnt need air. I feel their referred blue guy hair to as Bandanas, Hidab..

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