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Dangers Of Hair Extensions: Blinding Complications To Bleeding Scalps And Everlasting Baldness

Hair extensions can add fullness and size to otherwise sad-looking locks, however the health hazards that accompany the favored Hollywood magnificence treatment can far out-method the rewards.

From blinding complications, to patchy hair loss and sometimes permanent harm, docs at the moment are warning in regards to the dangers of hair extensions, the must-have accessory of celebrities on the purple carpet, and younger women alike.

Neurologist, Dr. Orly Avitzur of Terrytown, N.Y. who is also the medical adviser for Consumer Reviews, informed ABC News: ‘I believe the danger of baldness, when you start to get hair loss, that is actually my bottom line, then stop immediately.’

Well being hazards: Doctors are actually warning about the everlasting dangers of hair extensions, the must-have accessory of celebrities like Naomi Campbell (pictured), and younger girls alike

Hair extensions, where artificial or actual hair is attached onto a person’s current hair or scalp by weaving, gluing, sewing or clipping it on, first became widespread with actresses, but the therapy has blonde hair brown fringe rapidly moved on to the mainstream.

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Now 1000’s of young girls are experiencing the harmful unwanted side effects that include making an attempt to remodel one’s natural hair with longer and fuller hair items.

Beauty queen Amanda Jones, 26, tried hair extensions for two Miss Virginia competitions.
‘After three weeks my scalp was pink and bleeding. I misplaced a lot of hair’

When she had the extensions glued to her personal hair, she stated she suffered no damaging unwanted side effects, however last year, she tried she tried a special method and had them sewn onto her own hair.

‘That was essentially the most painful experience of my life,’ Miss Jones stated. ‘I had them in for perhaps three weeks. My scalp was crimson and bleeding. I misplaced lots of hair.’

However Sadie Whitlocks, 25, advised MailOnline that a buddy’s expertise with glued-in hair extensions was also a catastrophe.

Everlasting injury: Often called Traction Alopecia, the weight and tension on the wearer’s hair follicles could cause permanent damage and forestall hair regrowth

‘She complained that they gave her complications and after some time the synthetic locks received matted up. I had to cut them out leaving bald patches and they smelled really bad.. they ended up like dreadlocks.’

One 46-12 months-old New York social worker, who prefers not to be named, said she ran to the physician with blinding headaches.

After blood work and an MRI scan of the mind checked out as normal, there was no rationalization for the sudden pounding within the affected person’s head.

She was sent to Dr Avitzur, who explained: ‘Once i went to study her and merely touched her scalp, she pulled away and winced when my fingertips touched her quite gently.

‘She had tons of of these tightly braided hair braids. It was fairly clear to me that she did not need a work-up, however that she wanted to take away her extensions.

‘Loads of us do crazy things for the sake of appearance,’ he added.
The procedure, costing wherever from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand, can be successful, nonetheless it is crucial to make sure the stylist attaches the extensions utilizing a way that is tailored to your particular hair type.

In the event that they’re attached too tightly, or weigh a lot, issues can develop shortly.

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The combination of weight and tension locations pressure on the wearer’s hair follicles, which are stretched to some extent that the hair merely falls out. Often known as Traction Alopecia, this can cause permanent damage to hair follicles and stop hair regrowth.

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